Campus Vending

PepsiCo Pouring Rights


PepsiCo is the exclusive contractor for the category of “Pouring Rights.”  This category covers vendors who have authorization to provide beverages at university stores, vending machines, and on-campus events.   All beverage products at the above locations and any events must provide PepsiCo beverage products.  If locations are discovered to not be complying with the contract, applicable  departments/personnel will be notified and asked to remedy the situation in order to ensure the University stays in compliance with the terms of our agreement. 


Product Donation

An incentive built into the PepsiCo contract that is available to the University at-large includes a limited amount of donated PepsiCo products.  These beverages are provided to the University for free for approved events.  To request a donation of Pepsi products please email Hospitality and Campus Services at  If products are needed for an event, the request must be made at least two (2) weeks in advance of the event date to ensure products are delivered as needed.  Donated products are NOT allowed to be re-sold and supply is limited.  If a request is too large to be accommodated, a lesser donation may be suggested or the request may be denied in order to provide a fair and balanced distribution of Pepsi products for University events.    


Vending Machine Servicing and Refunds

If a PepsiCo vending machine has malfunctioned, or if you are in need of a refund, please refer to the posted information on that specific machine for assistance in remedying the situation.