Access Control

SACC Fundamentals

What is a SACC?

A SACC is the Single Access Control Coordinator. The SACC acts as a building single point of contact for responsibilities associated with Campus Safety.

How is a SACC chosen?

The SACC is typically a seasoned Dean or Director. While this position holds great importance, it is voluntary and can be shifted to another qualified individual at any time.

SACC's Roles and Responsibilities

The SACC's roles and responsibilities include:

  • Determine Building and holiday hours
  • Retain and update the Continuity of Operation Plan (COOP) and other Building Emergency Management plans as needed
  • Delegate departmental designees to approve or deny access requests for their areas
  • Disperse important information to building occupants (ie: emergency operation plans, drills, etc.)
  • Assist in finalizing certain safety by design decisions (ie: keybox and camera locations, additional electronic access control, etc)