Access Control

Frequently Asked Questions

The SACC is responsible for knowing the following information, as well as passing relevant information along to Directors, Managers, and Supervisors in the building.

Security and Life Safety Systems

The Department of Access Control & Security Systems is responsible for the following areas:

  • Electronic Access Control
  • Video Security Systems CCTV (cameras, recorders, etc.)
  • Alarm Systems (intrusion, property, duress, etc.)
  • Key Control (issuance, tracking, systems)
  • Locks
  • Electronic Keyboxes
  • Special credentials (contractor badges, Police and FAST badges, etc)
  • Construction/renovations security-related designs and project management
  • Emergency Notification Systems (VENS, CSU Alert)
  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
  • Fire Fiber Monitoring Loop


Where is Access Control and Security Systems (AC&SS) located?

The Access Control and Security Systems Department is located on the second floor of the Plant Services building. Plant Services is easily accessible from Chester and E. 24th Street. There is a wind turbine that looks like a water tower on the top of our building. 

What is the telephone number for AC&SS?


What is the telephone number for the Key Shop?


What is a SACC?

A SACC is a Single Access Control Coordinator. The building SACC acts as a building manager; a single point of contact for the Campus Safety department. The building SACC has the final approval on a multitude of Campus Safety related decisions. This includes, but is not limited to: building hours, COOP plans, Access Control, delegating departmental designees to approve access requests, and dispersing important information to the building occupants.

I need to request a generated report from AC&SS, what do I do?

You may request a report (ie: list of individuals with access, devices, transactions, recorded video, etc) by placing a Service Request through the FAST request portal. This is a billable service at $70 per hour. 


I need a key, what do I do?

You may request a key by submitting an access request form online. You must be an Authorized Access Requester to place an Access Request. Once the request is approved and the key is ready to be picked up, an email notification will be sent to the requester. 

How do I know if my keys are ready?

Once the work order is complete, the Authorized Access Requester will receive an email notification. 

Keys are ready approximately ten (10) days after submission. 

You may check the status of your key request by checking the Keys Ready List and locating your CSU ID (the list is in numerical order). You will need an active CSU email account to view the list. If your CSU ID number is NOT on the list and it has been more than 10 business days since the submission of your request, you may call Access Control at 216-687-5386 with any questions.

Can students request keys?

As a campus-wide policy, students may not have keys issued in their name. However, students may have access to an electronic Keybox. (See Keybox section for more information)

How do I transfer a key?

You must fill out a Key Transfer Form in order to transfer key(s). Both parties will have to sign the completed form along with a signature from the Department Chair. The Key Transfer Form can be sent to Access Control by e-mail. Please contact AC&SS for more information.

How do I return my keys if I'm not seperating?

Keys must be taken to Access Control in Plant Services, room 244. This can be done in person by appointment only, or sent through interoffice mail. You may schedule an appointment with our lockshop by calling 216-687-9845 or emailing . A receipt for the key return is available and signed by the Access Control employee that accepted the key(s). 

My keys have been lost or stolen. What should I do?

If a key has been lost or stolen, immediately file a police report with Campus Police. 

To obtain a replacement key, submit an access request form found on the Access Control page of the Cleveland State website. Fill the form out accordingly, recording the key(s) needed. Indicate that this is a Lost or Stolen Key as the Reason. Please include the police report number for the lost/ stolen key. Without the police report number, the lost/stolen key cannot be removed from your name and a new key cannot be created. 

Keys will be available within ten (10) days after submission.

Am I able to order multiple copies of a key?

No, multiple copies of a key may not be under an employee’s name.

Where do I pick up my keys?

Key pick-up is in the Campus Safety building at the Police Department. This is located on East 19th Street and Chester Ave. Keys are available within ten (10) days after submission.

My key is bent or otherwise damaged, what do I do?

If your key is bent or damaged, please call the Key Shop at 216-687-9845 and infrom them of the issue. The Key Shop is located in the Plant Services building in room 244. They will ask you to bring this key to the Key Shop and a new one will be made for you. There is no charge if the damaged key is returned.


How do I gain card access to doors and specific areas?

You may gain card access to doors and areas by submitting an access request form online. 

My card access isn’t working, what do I do?

If at any time your card stops working, please call Access Control at 216-687-5386 or email us at .

My card has been lost or stolen, what do I do?

If your card has been lost or stolen, please call Access Control immediately at 216-687-5386 or email us at . We will deactivate your Viking Card so that no one else can use it. Then, go to the Viking Card Office to obtain a new card. If your previous card had access to any buildings or doors, that access will be automatically transferred to your new card.

Where can I find my prox card number?

Your prox number is a 5 digit number located on the back of your Viking Card. The Viking Card Office is able to tell you what this number is when you receive a new card.

I received a new card and need my access to be transferred, what do I do?

If your previous card had access to any buildings or doors, that access will be automatically transferred to your new card within 30 minutes. If, for any reason this does not occur, please call Access Control at 216-687-5386 or email us at .


What is a keybox?

A keybox is an electronic storage box for keys. Keyboxes help to decrease the amount of keys made, carried, and lost. It also keeps track of who has access to keys, as well as noting who is using which key at any given time. Staff, faculty, students, affiliates, vistiors, and contractors can be programmed to have access to specific, applicable keyrings. 

How can our department get a keybox?

Please send an email to for information on acquiring a Keybox. 

What is the time allowance for keys taken from the keybox?

The time allowance for a key ring depends upon the keys on that ring. If you would like to know the time allowance on the keyrings you have access to, please e-mail or call us at 216-687-5386. If the keyring is not returned before it is due, an e-mail will be sent to you and an alarm will alert Access Control.

How do I gain access to a keybox?

You may gain access to a keybox by filling out a Keybox Access Request Form (KARF) and getting it signed by the appropriate parties; including the building SACC. Then, send the form to Access Control via e-mail or interoffice mail.