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Student Resources

We support student success in many ways.  Students that need help overcoming college and university barriers to graduation can come to us for assistance in challenging restrictive policies and procedures.  We also prioritize connecting students with all of the resources they need to be successful, which include:

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Awarding Non-Traditional Credits

We want you to know the various options you have as a returning student in order to get the most out of your previous experiences. We composed program and credit comparison charts to display the flexibility of our 7 schools and colleges to guide you toward the right decision on what to study. We also created a document to explain other forms of non-traditional credits (such as military credits, CLEPs, and credit by exams) accepted at Cleveland State University. Learn more at the links below: 

Financial Aid

Education is expensive, we understand that. We do our best to match students with financial aid opportunities to help pay for their education.  Some of these options include:


Sometimes students need a little push to help get them on track to degree completion.  Our staff works hard to connect students with the resources they need to stay on course in their education.  These FREE services include:

Support Services

Cleveland State University offers many free services to students that offer support in various areas of life.  Students should take advantage of these resources to be successful in their college career.  Some departments to highlight are:

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