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  • How do you learn best? Take the VARK test of 13 questions that will help identify how you learn new information. Are you a visual, aural, read/write, kinesthetic learner, or a combination? This site even offers strategies to maximize strengths in real-life learning situations.
  • The Learning Study Skills Inventory (LSI) is another great inventory that features 70 questions that assess personality and learning styles. This inventory offers tips to help you learn better and remember more.
  • Are you more left brained or right brained? Simply enter your first name and start the test. It will measure whether you tend to use more of your right or left brain and whether you tend to be more of an auditory or visual learner.
  • Who is in control? Did you get a bad grade because your professor does not like you, or did you not study enough? Take this LOCUS of CONTROL quiz to measure the extent of your internal and external “reinforcement beliefs.”