TRIO/Student Support Services

TRIO Events


TRIO/SSS offers events throughout the academic year focused on student development in critical areas. Note that all TRIO/SSS students are required to attend at least two events per semester to meet program expectations. 

1. Students will define foundational skills pertaining to their academic success. These skills will assist in key areas such as time management, study skills, advocacy, personal wellness, and stress management. 

2. Students will identify success strategies in financial literacy. These strategies may focus in on topics such as budgeting, fiscal responsibility, and knowledge of financial aspects of the college experience (FAFSA, student loans, grants, scholarships, etc.). 

3.  Students will diagnose barriers in our local community by being immersed within cultural awareness activities and events. 

4. Students will interpret ways in which they can assist our local community by taking part in community service-based initiatives.

5. Students will articulate professional development and career readiness strategies.  

6. Students will assess leadership styles and philosophy to assist in their own development as a leader.

Spring 2024 TRIO Events