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Local Community College Students

On their path to a bachelor's degree, many students choose to start their higher education journey  at a local community college. With several community colleges in the area, CSU is the next stop for many local community college students! The resources on this page will provide you with helpful information needed to make the transition from a local two year in-state institution to Cleveland State University.

Associate of Arts/Associate of Science General Education Waiver

CSU has agreements with Cuyahoga Community College, Lakeland Community College, and Lorain County Community College that waive most general education requirements for students that complete selected Associate degree programs. These agreements acknowledge the value of your Associate’s degree and are intended to encourage seamless transfer and a smooth transition to junior standing and study in upper-division courses. Complete one of the approved Associate’s degree programs below, then transfer to CSU secure in the knowledge that your lower division general education requirements are done. 

Associate of Arts Degree

Cuyahoga Community College

Lakeland Community College

Lorain County Community College 

Associate of Science Degree

Cuyahoga Community College 

Combine this with one of our pathway programs below to get on the quickest path to graduation with your Bachelor’s degree! Talk with a counselor/advisor at Tri-C or CSU to find out more. 

Partnership Programs

CSU currently has Partnership Programs with Cuyahoga Community College, Lakeland Community College, and Lorain County Community College. These programs are intended to help students seamlessly obtain a CSU bachelor’s degree, right from their local campus!

Click on your school’s link below to find out more about on your school’s Partnership Program.


These are 4-year academic plans (Articulation Agreements) that detail which courses should be taken from Tri-C over the first 2 years and then subsequently detail which courses should be taken over the last 2 years at CSU. Please select 'Pathways Index' to be taken to a list of all current pathways.

Transfer Guides

These guides are a useful resource for students at  Columbus State Community College, Cuyahoga Community College, Lakeland Community College, Lorain County Community College, and Owens Community College who will eventually transfer to CSU. They provide a listing of CSU’s General Education Requirements and their equivalent course numbers at each respective school. This way, you can start working towards fulfilling CSU’s requirements before officially making the transition.