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CSU Bound

The CSU Bound program provides a structured academic pathway to a four-year degree for students who would benefit from starting their educational journey at Lakeland Community College. Collaborative academic advising will guide students from the beginning of their studies at Lakeland through their associate’s degree program and eventually graduation from CSU with a bachelor’s degree. It also allows students to seamlessly register for classes at both Lakeland and CSU, and take up to three CSU classes tuition free, all while taking advantage of both institutions’ special events and facilities.

This partnership makes earning a four-year degree possible for students of all backgrounds, and will allow students to focus on their studies while prepping for a successful career after graduation.

Students still in high school can get a head start on this path to a CSU bachelor’s degree by taking College Credit Plus courses from Lakeland, saving even more time and money in pursuit of a four-year degree.

The initiative follows similar partnerships CSU has created with Cuyahoga Community College and Lorain County Community College. All are designed to create a comprehensive, assistive pathway for students to make the transition from community college to Cleveland State, graduation and a successful career.


Benefits of the program include:

  • CSU Bound will provide dual admission to Lakeland and CSU from day one, upon meeting admissions criteria, with no additional application fees required.
  • Students in the program will receive a CSU Viking ID and can take advantage of special events and facilities at both institutions.
  • Ability to take up to 3 classes tuition free at CSU while attending Lakeland.
  • Participants will gain financial savings and cost predictability at CSU by locking in tuition and fee rates via the CSU Guarantee.
  • Collaborative advising from both Lakeland and CSU advising staff
  • Cost-effective and time-efficient pathway to a four-year degree
  • Students will take a first-year experience course at Lakeland taught by CSU faculty.


Full Admission Requirements:

Completion of 12 college-level credit hours, including college-level English and math, is needed to earn full admission to CSU.

Completing these requirements guarantees admission to CSU, not specific programs that have higher admission standards or require an additional application.


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