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Windows 10 Information

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Please be sure to read the statement of support for Windows 10. Below are several websites that may serve as a starting point for support with Windows 10.


General Sources

  1. InfoWorld: Reality check: How Windows 10's new privacy controls stack up
  2. CNET: 10 things to Disable in Windows 10
  3. PCWorld Magazine: Everything Windows 10
  4. TechConnect: Windows 10 Anniversary Update: Everything you need to know
  5. TechConnect: How to detect buggy device drivers in Windows 10

Computer Vendors

  1. Dell Computers
  2. HP Computers
  3. Asus Computers
  4. Lenovo Computers
  5. Acer Computers

Use Windows 10 on a Mac

  1. Via Boot Camp:
  2. VMware: