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Link Mentor

Link mentoring

The Professional Mentoring Component of the LINK program is integral to facilitating the student’s learning experience in their career field. The student progresses through the educational process and gains practical work experience through Cooperative Education. As a mentor, you will help guide the LINK student in the accomplishment of the LINK Program goals. The five goals areas are: career awareness, career exploration, values clarification, personal and social development, and academic support.

Who Can Become a Mentor?

A professional possessing a post-secondary degree who has worked for a minimum of three years in his or her chosen career field and has sincere interest in the development and achievement of minority students, would be eligible to become a LINK Program Professional Mentor. A prospective mentor should also be willing to commit to a minimum one-year mentoring relationship with a LINK Program student. Some LINK Professional Mentors have had prior volunteer experience with youth and young adult programs; however, such experience is not required.

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