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To order a printer for a FUll time faculty member outside of the MPS program

If you are interested in purchasing a printer, this page will help facilitate that process. As defined by the University’s Managed Print Services (MPS) program ( only teaching faculty can purchase desktop printers.  All other employees must use the departmental printers in their areas. 

If you are not a teaching faculty member

You must first indicate the reason you need an exception to the contract governing this program by completing a MACD (Move, Add, Change, Dispose), form found at  You must authenticate and when you arrive at the Self-Service Portal, click on the Xerox link.  This online form will allow you to detail the printing requirements you have and this request will be analyzed by Xerox to see if an MPS Printer may be used to meet your needs.  You will be contacted by Xerox within a few days for the analysis.  This form will allow you to add a printer to the existing MPS Program.

If you require a variance and need to purchase a printer outside of the MSP program read below.

You may use the same process to request a variance based on the contract terms and exceptions listed below.  Make sure to include one of these reasons on your completed form.  Go to, authenticate, and at the Self-Service Portal click the Variance link.  If approved, you will be given a number to include in your MagnusMart purchase showing the approval of the variance. 

  1. Handicap Access
  2. Need for special forms
  3. Greater than 100 feet from a network printer

The variance will be reviewed by the Xerox account team and the results of that review will be udpated in the ticket created for you by the Help Desk. 

NOTE:  Many people feel that the need to print securly is a reason for a variance. All Xerox network printers can print secure documents. 

To print a secure document:

  1. Click the print button
  2. Click "Printer Properties"
  3. In the "Job Type", select "Secure Print" 
  4. You'll be asked to enter a 4-digit security code 
  5. The print job will be held until you enter the same code on the printer by click the "Printer Services" button

If you are a teaching faculty member:

Using MagnusMarty, search for and located the type of printer you would like to purchase and process the order to completion.

Please mark the name of the Teaching Faculty member in the comments section of MagnusMart.

You should consider a maintenance protection pogram for the printer as it would not be supported by IS&T.