Printing and Duplicating Order Forms

Before you Order

Need an idea of pricing for your project? Download the current price guide here. Call us at 216-687-3707 or email with any questions.


Placing an Order

All orders are placed by submitting a duplicating requisition. Fill out the form below and email to with any other pertinent information.

For safe campus (COVID) signage, business cards, letterheads and NEW wayfinding and event signage, please fill out the additional forms listed below and submit WITH your duplicating requisition. 

When filling out forms, we recommend that you:

  1. Save the form to your desktop.
  2. Fill in the fields and save the changes.
  3. Email the completed form(s) to (along with any artwork or files needed for the job).


    Additional Forms

    All forms include standard, CSU-approved templates and are not to be customized.

    NEW:  Wayfinding and Event Sign Order Form!

    Choose from three CSU-branded templates for classy, clean signage for your next event. These signs are meant to be temporary. Any permanent wayfinding signage should be addressed through the Office of the Architect.

    Please note:

    • Sizes are standard and should suit your needs. If a custom size is needed, please reach out to duplicating for direction.
    • Designs are standard and not to be customized further. If you have a high-level special event that needs specific branded signage, please reach out to University Marketing.
    • Font to be used is Trade Gothic per CSU brand guidelines and will not be altered.
    • Sign copy should be easily recognizable/understood. For example, prospective students might not know what acronyms stand for (CEPA, TASC, etc.), so spelling out when possible is best practice!