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Early Assurance Undergrad Selection Process

Applications for 2024 cohort are now closed

The Early Assurance Undergraduate Partnership Pathway is a two-step process to the College of Medicine at NEOMED as a first-year medicine student. Please note that early assurance pathway has changed effective May 2021.


Applying for early assurance privileges as an undergraduate student  

The first step consists of undergraduate students currently enrolled at Cleveland State University earning an early assurance nomination through the nomination process which includes an interview at CSU. Next, nominated candidates interview with NEOMED for early assurance privilege. Early assurance privilege reserves a seat in a future medical school class at NEOMED should candidates meet or exceed early assurance plan admission standards.

Understanding CSU's Nomination Process 

This process consist of students completing and submitting the Early Assurance Undergraduate Application, all unofficial transcripts and two recommendation forms by  Friday, December 22, 2023. Application packets are then reviewed by the CSU Review Committee. Lastly, selected candidates are invited for interviews and nominations are sent to NEOMED to interview for early assurance privileges. 


STEP 2 (for students offered early assurance)

Applying for admission to the M.D. program at NEOMED with undergrad early assurance privileges 

The second step allows students granted early assurance privileges to NEOMED to apply for admission through AMCAS using the Early Assurance plan to earn their admission.

Candidates granted early assurance privileges reserving a seat are required to complete the following in order to receive admission to the College of Medicine as M.D. students:

  • Students must follow all AMCAS Early Assurance plan application procedures and deadlines.
  • Students must continue to complete undergrad coursework as prescribed by Cleveland State University.
  • Early Assurance students must be on track to successfully complete all required pre-requisite courses with a grade of “C-” or better to apply for admission to NEOMED.
  • Early Assurance undergrad plan admission decisions will be made by the NEOMED College of Medicine Admissions Committee in the October meeting using academic data available in September. Candidates will receive an admission decision within approximately two weeks following the meeting.
  • Early assurance plan undergrad pathway students shall be required to meet or exceed all admission standards and criteria, or they should not expect to be admitted to NEOMED as M1 students. The final admission decision will be made by the NEOMED College of Medicine Admissions Committee.

Please see the current NEOMED Compass (catalog and handbook) for applicable admission criteria and admission standards for medical school applicants holding undergrad early assurance privileges.



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