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Community Health Worker Certification Program

Cleveland State University Community Health Worker
The Community Health Worker Certification Program is a 15-week course offered once a year

The program will be offered again in 2019
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Cleveland State University School of Nursing is pleased to present this Ohio Board of Nursing certified program that combines Community Health Worker certification with Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management Group Leader Certification. This program is appropriate for anyone interested in an entry-level position in health care who would like to make a difference in the health of the community.


The program contains 3 essential courses:

Community Health Worker 1: Introduction to the Role

Introduces the many roles of the Community Health Worker. The student is introduced to basic content in five major areas: health care, communication skills, advocacy, health education, and social services. Basic anatomy and physiology of the human body is covered. Students will be introduced into to the concepts of data collection for health assessment including: obtaining vital signs, recording vital signs, and recognizing changes in health status. The course includes Clinical experience of 2 hours in obtaining and documenting vital signs.

Community Health Worker 2: Care across the Lifespan

Presents concepts of growth and development across the lifespan. Examines stressors and general resistance resources of individuals at various life stages in relation to health promotion, health maintenance and health restoration. Examines spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental impacts on health.  The course includes a supervised clinical component of 30 hours.

Community Health Worker 3: Practicum

Students will complete a supervised practicum in the community setting of at least 100 hours, integrating knowledge from the previous course work and applying it in the clinical setting.  The student will also complete training in chronic disease self-management.

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Qualifications and Requirements 

Cleveland State University Community Health Worker
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For more information on what it means to become a Community Health Worker visit the Community Health Worker Association of Ohio website, here

or Explore Health Careers, here

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2019 Program information will be posted as soon as it is available


Refund Policy

Intent to withdraw or transfer must be made two full business days before the start of the program for a refund or transfer to be processed. Call (216) 687-3867 or email to withdraw or transfer. No refunds will be issued or transfers processed for requests received less than two full business days before the program.