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Washkewicz College of Engineering Awarded State Grant for Workforce Development

Cleveland State University’s Washkewicz College of Engineering has been awarded a $293,500 grant from the Ohio Board of Regents in support of the college’s proposed Workforce Development Equipment and Facility Program in Additive Manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing allows products and components to be made from a digital model, using 3-D printers. This application is being used in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, biomedical, defense and materials manufacturing.

The award will fund the purchase of electronic and polymer 3-D printers, to be housed within the college’s Additive Manufacturing Instructional and Training Laboratory. The educational, training and research outcomes from the laboratory will lead to the establishment of the Center for Innovative Manufacturing.

Access to the latest in 3-D printer technology will enable faculty, students and local businesses to develop prototypes and products, while engaging in this new and growing manufacturing base.

“The Center for Innovative Manufacturing will provide a significant contribution to the regional economy by meeting the demands of an emerging industry,” said Anette Karlsson, dean of the Washkewicz College of Engineering.

The college will work in partnership with Youngstown State University, Cuyahoga Community College and Lorain County Community College, offering students from each institution access to a unique educational environment designed to further their interest in the applications of additive manufacturing.  

The Washkewicz College of Engineering will collaborate with rp+m, a leading additive manufacturing company, which will assist in developing the project. The college will also collaborate with MAGNET, the Ohio Aerospace Institute and regional manufacturing companies to offer professionals on-campus training, thereby expanding industry knowledge and activity within the field.