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Washington Post and Bloomberg Business cite CSU as model for student success

Cleveland State University’s student success initiatives are drawing national attention from prominent media outlets such as The Washington Post and Bloomberg Business.

The Washington Post interviewed CSU President Ronald M. Berkman and CSU junior Katelyn Kish for a recent story that showcases the University’s efforts to support students on their path to graduation.

The article highlights programs such as the Graduation Incentive Plan, which awards students $200 toward tuition and $200 in bookstore credit for completing 30+ credit hours each year.

“The most effective way to limit costs is to limit time toward a degree,” President Berkman told Washington Post reporter Danielle Douglas-Gabriel.

Read the Washington Post story here.

CSU’s Graduation Incentive Plan also was the focus of a recent Bloomberg Business article.

“This is about creating a playing field in which students who have the ability to be successful can exercise that ability,” President Berkman told Bloomberg Business reporter Akane Otani, who also interviewed CSU seniors Megan Crawford and Matt Lisak.

“[F]or students on the fringe, tuition rebates and textbook credits may be a stronger incentive to take a full course load than the abstract knowledge that graduating on time saves money,” Otani wrote.

Read the Bloomberg Business story here.