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Providing Pointers on Helping Kids Deal with Stress

Shereen Naser, an assistant professor of psychology at Cleveland State University, was tapped by the National Association of School Psychologists to assist in developing materials designed to help parents, teachers and school psychologists identify and address stress in children. The guide, Supporting Vulnerable Students in Stressful Times, seeks to improve intervention methods and reduce overall stress levels for kids, particularly minorities, refugees, immigrants and other marginalized groups.

“Following the rhetoric presented during the 2016 presidential election many children are experiencing fear and concern about the future,” Naser says. “This guide seeks to assist in addressing those fears, foster supportive relationships, and teach effective coping and conflict resolution strategies.”

The brochure was developed by NASP’s Social Justice Working Group and has been disseminated to schools across the country. Naser also heads the Cleveland C.A.R.E. lab which seeks to support teachers and schools in addressing the needs of students from diverse communities. She will be leading a panel focused on working with refugee children in schools at the 2017 National Association of School Psychologists annual conference.

“By helping children better understand their emotional reactions to fear and anger we can reduce negative behavior and improve the learning process, while also teaching skills that will reap life-long benefits,” Naser adds.