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Improving Mobility for Children

CSU and National Interstate host third annual GoBabyGo workshop

Cleveland State University (“CSU”) and National Interstate Insurance Company (“National Interstate”) are working together to improve mobility, brain development and language skills for children with sensory or motor delays. National Interstate is collaborating with CSU’s GoBabyGo program to modify battery-powered, ride-on cars that can be used to assist children in improving motor skills, as well as communication and social skills.

The newest series of cars, donated by National Interstate, will be built at a workshop at their headquarters, 3250 Interstate Drive Richfield, Ohio, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on October 28th. The event will include the children and families who will be receiving these cars, with each child “racing” their car past the finish line at the end of the day’s event. The workshop is part of National Make a Difference Day.

“Our partnership with National Interstate assists us in providing low-cost, high-impact accommodative equipment to children with mobility impairments in a peer-approved and fun way,” says Madalynn Wendland, Assistant Clinical Faculty and Coordinator of Car Building Workshops through the GoBabyGo program at CSU.

“National Interstate is ho nored and excited to partner with GoBabyGo on a car-building workshop for the third year in a row. As both a father and volunteer, I can’t tell you how proud I am of our employees who spend their personal weekend time for this meaningful and impactful cause to help a small child and their families,” said Tony Mercurio, President and CEO of National Interstate.

National Interstate has been working with Cleveland State’s GoBabyGo program since 2015 and has built and donated close to 100 vehicles for children in Northeast Ohio. This year’s workshop will also include the support of Replay for Kids, which will be assisting with the design and modification of the cars. The organization seeks to increase the availability of toys and assistive devices for children with disabilities.

GoBabyGo is a national initiative designed to improve mobility for children through the use of modified ride-on cars and hands-free harness structures. At CSU, faculty, researchers and students seek to incorporate these technologies into everyday routines including play and leisure activities. Giving a child a new way to engage with their environment and interact with their family and peers puts the child - instead of the diagnosis - in the driver's seat. 

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