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CSU’s Midori Lebron Named as a “Top 100 Latinos Cleveland Must Know” for 2023

Midori Lebron, CSU’s Director of First Year and Exploratory Advising has been named to the “Top 100 Latinos Cleveland Must Know” list for 2023.

Marcia Moreno created the list as the founder of AmMore Consulting, LLC. She created the initiative in 2020 to help elevate the profile of the Hispanic/Latino/Latine/Latinx professional community of Greater Cleveland. Not only does it offer a platform for greater visibility, but it is designed with an intentional emphasis on shining a positive light on Latino professionals and the Latino community within Greater Cleveland.

“Receiving this honor is incredibly meaningful to me. It's a recognition of the values and principles that have guided my life and career—education, diversity, family, and community,” said Lebron. “This honor serves as a reminder of the importance of the work I do and the impact it has on the lives of others, along with reinforcing my commitment to advancing opportunities for women and promoting diversity and inclusion.”

Although Lebron has been employed at CSU for the past 11 years, she said her current role has not only played a pivotal role in shaping the growth of her journey but has been shaped thanks to a deep-seated passion for learning and a desire to make a positive impact on every student she comes across.

“Growing up as a first-generation Puerto Rican in Cleveland, Ohio, I was inspired by educators who believed in my potential and provided me with the support I needed to succeed,” she said. “This experience ignited my desire to enter the field of higher education, where I could help guide students on their academic journeys and offer them the same support and encouragement that I received.”

The guiding principle doesn’t end with giving them advice and sending them on their way; as Lebron says, one of the greatest joys of her position is witnessing the transformation that occurs in the lives of her students.

“I find joy in helping them set and achieve their educational goals [such as] seeing them overcome challenges, gain confidence, and thrive in their academic pursuits is truly rewarding,” said Lebron. “It's a privilege to be a part of their educational journeys and provide guidance as they navigate the complexities of higher education.”

At the core of AmMore’s mission is the drive to help Latino professionals grow, develop, and succeed in Northeast Ohio and beyond. Closer to home, Lebron credits CSU for providing her with a solid foundation and a wealth of opportunities to excel in her current role, but at the same time, acknowledging her time hasn’t been without challenges, all of which have enabled her to provide even more to her students.

“These experiences, whether positive or challenging, have played a significant role in reinforcing my dedication to championing equitable opportunities for all,” she said. “It's a reminder that growth often comes from navigating obstacles and learning from successes and shortcomings encountered along the way, a lesson I often share with my students.”

Lebron quickly points out those who have supported and inspired her along the way, expressing her gratitude to her family, mentors, colleagues, and community, culminating in receiving the honor.

“I also want to give a big thank you to Heike Heinrich; her unwavering belief in the importance of education, access, and student learning and development has made it possible for me to continue the important work here at CSU,” she said. “As I continue to pursue academic excellence and advocate for women's advancement, I look forward to making a positive impact on the lives of others and contributing to a more inclusive and equitable society, starting here at CSU.”