Network Services


The University's wireless network provides both an encrypted, secure access to the Internet for students, faculty and staff and an unencrypted access to the Internet for University guests. 

Wireless networks are inherently less secure than wired ones and should not be used to transmit sensitive information. Signals are subject to interference from other electronic equipment, and may be adversely affected by large numbers of concurrent users.

Wireless access is available in all campus buildings, dorms and large green spaces on campus.  

There are currently two wireless networks available:

  • 4csuuseonly - an encrypted network available for students, staff and faculty only

  • csuguest - an unencrypted network available for guests of the university

The vast majority of current laptops and mobile devices have built in WiFi support that will allow you to connect to the wireless network. Plug-in adapters that support 802.11b/g/n are available for older laptops and can be purchased at most office or electronics stores. Your device must support the WPA2 Enterprise authentication standards to connect to the wireless network.

Any problems or service requests can be initiated by opening an easy ticket or calling the IS&T Help Desk at 216-687-5050.

Wireless Setup for "4csuuseonly"

mac Os X


Gaming and Media Player Devices

The CSU Wifi network is compatible with various gaming, tablet, and media devices. Please click here-> PDF iconDevice_Wifi_Compatibility.pdf