Center for Gene Regulation in Health and Disease (GRHD)

Student Training Outcomes

Over the years GRHD faculty have mentored nearly 300 undergraduate and graduate students in their laboratories, divided roughly in half between the two groupgs. The vast majority of GRHD trained undergraduate students (87.25%) decided to further their education enrolling in graduate or medical schools and the vast majority of our graduate students (after graduation) remained in Academia (85.70%) and/or are employed by Biotech/Health Industry (26.28%). Many students have gone on to pursue their careers and/or further their education at top universities and institutions in the country outside Ohio, such as e.g. Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia Universities as well as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), The Scripps Research Institute and others. However, the majority of GRHD trained students choose to remain in Ohio and continue their education and/or seek employment  in Ohio (66% of undergraduate students and 43.8% of graduate students).

Opportunities that GRHD researchers provide to their students are very well aligned with the central mission of CSU, to educate those who might not otherwise have the opportunity, teach them to think constructively, critically, and creatively, and graduate them, fully prepared to succeed.

Below you will find a summary statistics of some of the key features as they relate to GRHD student training outcomes.

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