Center for Gene Regulation in Health and Disease (GRHD)

Andrew Resnick

Associate Dean and Associate Professor
SI 121
My research activity has two main tracks: the role of sensory cilia in cellular mechanosensation and optical probes of matter.  Experimental tools we use include epithelial cell culture and electrophysiology, microscopy and laser tweezers, microfluidics and analytical modeling. Biological systems under investigation include renal and airway epithelial tissue to study the connection between fluid flow stimulation and physiological responses in the context of tissue maintenance and repair.  The nature of our work is highly multidisciplinary, reflecting an idea I believe to be true- important research of the future will be multidisciplinary, and if our results are to contribute meaningfully at the forefront of knowledge, we must be able to cross bridges between disciplines. One of our long term research goals is to bridge the gap between Physics and Biology in the hope that revolutionary new results will be produced.  
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    Justin Flaherty
    Undergraduate Student
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    Muhammad Tayeh
    Undergraduate Student
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    Subhra Nag
    Graduate Student
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    Tara Diba
    Graduate Student
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    Vikram Seetharaman
    Graduate Student
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