Center for Gene Regulation in Health and Disease (GRHD)

GRHD/COSHP Reduced Teaching Research Facilitation Program Policy and application guidelines



GRHD/COSHP Reduced Teaching Research Facilitation (RTRF) Program aims to provide GRHD faculty members with extra time to write proposals for submission to external funding agencies, as well as manuscripts (especially targeting high profile journals), or initiate (as well as complete) new/challenging research projects. The program complements the existing Office of Research RTRF program, but does not require PIs to have awards totaling (at least) $400K in the last 3 rolling fiscal years to be eligible for participation in the program.

GRHD faculty may request up to 6 credit hours of teaching reduction per academic year. However, it is expected that on a regular basis GRHD faculty will be requesting no more than 3 credit hours and that after the release, the total teaching load will be no less than 3 credits per academic year.

Per agreement with COSHP Dean’s office, COSHP will provide coverage for 6 credits and GRHD will provide coverage for additional 6 credits per academic year. COSHP and GRHD will be covering released credits on alternating basis.

The program is implemented to increase visibility of GRHD and CSU as research institutions.


Eligibility and Terms

All GRHD faculty are eligible to participate in the program. By accepting the teaching reduction credit hours, faculty members must (by the end of the semester following the one in which they utilize the research facilitation award) commit:

  1. to submit at least one proposal (targeting external agencies), or
  2. to submit at least one manuscript, or
  3. to initiate and/or complete the research project requiring extra efforts

If the commitment is not met, the faculty member would have to accept the additional teaching load during the following academic year, equivalent to the number of awarded credit hours.


Application Procedure

Please submit the  PDF icon Reduced Teaching Research Facilitation Program Application.pdf  form by e-mail to Anton A. Komar ( and provide the requested information (see PDF).


Review Procedure

Proposals will be reviewed by GRHD planning committee and the release will be awarded based on the proposal merit. The awarded number of credits may be less than requested.


Implementation of this program

Specific implementation of this program is subject to mutual agreement between GRHD faculty, GRHD Director, Departmental Chairs and the College Dean.