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During your first few weeks at Cleveland State, you might hear your peers, instructors, or staff members using terms that may not be familiar to you. No worries! We have included a CSU glossary for you to better acclimate to campus life. 

Berkman Hall/Main Classroom (BH/MC)

Main Classroom is the name of the building until the Fall of 2018, when the name changed to Berkman Hall (BH) after our last president.


This is where your professors will keep your course assignments/course content as well where you can check your grades.

B2B (burgers2beer)

Burgers2Beer (B2B) is the local greasy hamburger and french fry spot on campus.


Becky’s is a bar on 18th Street, if you are of age. Becky's also has decent food, trivia, and karoke!


Campus Activities Board: student organization that hosts a variety of different activities throughout the year for students (all that are free!)


College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS).


College of Science and Health Professions. It is located on the 2nd floor of BH.


Center for Student Activities and Involvement. It is located on the 3rd floor of the Student Center and serves to support students who want to get involved, develop their leadership skills, and/or start a new student organization.

CSU Email

Your CSU email ends in

Difference between BH and BU

Berkman Hall (BH) (formerly known as Main Classroom) is on 22nd Street, across the street from Trinity Cathedral. Business Building (BU) is on 18th Street, in between the Law Building and the Urban Building.

EC (Euclid Commons)

Euclid Commons is CSU’s state-of-the-art community especially designed for the students of today and tomorrow. The community houses over 600 students. Euclid Commons provides the privacy and lifestyle you deserve in a student community that is conducive to achieving academic success.

Rhodes Tower Offices

The library is in Rhodes Tower, but there are also offices. When you walk into RT, if you go straight, you will go into the library and can use their elevators for library floors only. If you go to the left instead of straight, you can use those elevators to go up to the offices that are housed in RT.

Fenn Hall

Fenn Hall is in between the Science Building and the Washkewicz Building. A lot of engineering and science classes are here.

Fenn Tower

Fenn Tower is the original college that became CSU. It is now a dorm with a ballroom and game room that occasionally hosts various CSU activities.


Each semester, CSU students receive a RTA UPass (included in your tuition!) which gives access to any RTA line. The HealthLine runs down Euclid Avenue to Public Square, the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospital, Uptown and CSU. To check out the HealthLine route, click here.

InnerLink (the link)

This is an above ground tunnel that connects all the buildings (albeit Euclid Commons, Fenn Tower, Julka Hall, and the Union Building) on campus. It is great for when the weather is less than perfect!

Math Emporium

The Math Emporium, located on the second floor of the Michael Schwartz Library (RT 230), is a state-of-the-art learning center where students can interact with adaptive MyMathLab Plus software and a highly skilled instructional team. Students learn through an innovative, engaging and easy-to-use program designed to help them become comfortable and proficient in basic mathematics.

MC/BH Auditorium

This is the auditorium located on the first floor of Berkman Hall (BH), formerly called Main Classroom (MC). It is located near the elevators, closest to the library, and is often used for larger on-campus presentations, such as ALICE training as well as Greek Life events.


The Math Learning Center offers an encouraging walk-in environment that promotes students' mathematical learning. Experienced graduate and undergraduate Learning Assistants engage students and further their conceptual and computational understanding in all aspects of their mathematics coursework.

Psychology Department and Offices

The Psychology Department is on the 7th floor of the Union Building (UN), with the professors' offices on the 2nd and 7th floor.


This is the CSU email program. Most professors won’t answer to emails from a different email address, they will only answer to the email. You can access your Outlook address by going to

Rhodes West (RW)

Rhodes West is located next to the Michael Schwartz library, tucked in a corner near the parking lot. Career Services and the Testing Center is located on the 2nd floor. 


Student Government Association. It is located on the second floor of the student center. SGA allocates funding to student organizations, and addresses the student body’s concerns by advocating on behalf of students on numerous committees.


Starfish is an online program that makes it easier for undergraduate students to communicate and make appointments with support services and faculty on campus

Login to:

  • Find your assigned advisor
  • Look for communication from your support network about your academic progress
  • Schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor or tutor
  • Schedule a tutorial with the Writing Center Schedule Supplemental Instruction (for certain courses)
  • Course Conferences (with participating faculty)
Student Center

This is the building where the bookstore, Viking Outfitters, Viking Grounds coffee shop, Outtakes dining hall, Chili’s, Student Life, and various other offices/food places are. Many student events are held in the Student Center (SC).


Tutoring and Academic Success Center. It is a service available at no additional cost that includes tutoring, success coaching, and additional instruction that is paired with select courses led by SI (supplemental instruction) leaders and SLA’s (structured learning assistants). TASC is located on the 2nd floor of Berkman Hall.

The Ballroom

This is on the 3rd floor of the Student Center.

The Cauldron

The Cauldron is a student run paper, it is distributed across campus, it covers campus events and has an opinion section as well

The Quad/Courtyard/Plaza

This is the grassy area in between SC, BH, and RT. This is where the fountain is and where students spend sunny days.

The Vindicator

The Vindicator (Vindi) is a student run magazine, that focus on social issues and long form content


The TRIO/SSS Program is designed to help first - generation college and/or low-income students progress toward graduation. TRIO/SSS provides opportunities for academic development, assistance with college requirements and the motivation and support needed to complete a college degree!

UN (location/offices in UN bldg)

Union Building (which houses the Counseling Center, Psychology Department, and Psychology Labs). It's across the street from the Law Building, right next to Rascal House.


Urban Building (UR) is the last building on campus before Playhouse Square. It is right after BU.

Viking Expeditions (VE)

CSU’s student-led service organization that provides students with volunteer opportunities, Alternative Break Trips, and membership socials. VE’s office is located on the 3rd floor of the Student Center, across from CSAI.

Viking Outfitters/bookstore

The bookstore, most commonly known as “Viking Outfitters” is on the 1st floor of the Student Center. This is where you can buy your books, CSU gear, and other various items.