First Year Experience (FYE)

CLEstate Compass

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We are glad that you have chosen CSU and want to welcome you to our family! Your success is very important to us. For this reason, your Student Success team has constructed a course to familiarize you with CSU, along with the services, tools and resources available to you.  This course is mandatory for all incoming students.

After completing orientation, you will need to.....

STEP 1: check your csu email

 You will be receiving messages via your CSU email beginning mid-June notifying you of being enrolled in CLEstate Compass course. These messages will give you specific instructions and guidelines on how to access the course.

STEP 2: Access and complete the compass course

Follow the step-by-step instructions you received in your CSU email on how to access the course.

Deadline to Complete the CLEstate Compass:

Fall 2019  Students - August 23, 2019
Spring 2020  Students - January 10, 2020

step 3: attend magnusfest (FALL ONLY)

We have an exciting day planned for you to help you with your transition to Cleveland State University!  Leave high school (and your parents) behind and celebrate your first day on campus. This Mandatory student-only program lays the foundation for success from your first day on campus through graduation. 

It’s your chance to connect with other first year students, learn a bit more about CSU and CELEBRATE coming to Cleveland State!!

clestate COMPASS -frequently asked questions

How much does this course cost?
There is no charge for the course.

Who is this course for?
The course is for new students at Cleveland State University that have completed orientation.

Do I have to complete this course?
All new students must complete this course. Fall 2019 students must complete the course by August 23, 2019. Spring 2020 students must complete the course by January 10, 2020.

Who do I call if I am having issues with Blackboard?
For any questions you have related to Blackboard, please contact the Center for eLearning.

Do I have to complete the course in one sitting? 
You can complete the course in one or more sittings. You can work on a module, stop and come back right where you left off. Remember, this course has been created to introduce you to Cleveland State University, so don't rush through the course!

How many attempts do I have to take the course and complete the modules in it?
You can access the course as often as you would like throughout the summer. You can also revisit any of the content and modules within the course any time during the summer. 


For all questions, please contact the Office of First Year Experience at 216-687-3734 or