Faculty Affairs

Chair & Dean Resources

Chair Responsibilities by Semester

Due Fall Semester:

  • Annual meetings with Faculty (Chair/Director)​
  • Promotion & Tenure and Non-TT reviews​
  • PLOA requests​
  • Start workload discussions with faculty (Chair/Director)​
  • Schedule preparation  ​

Due Spring Semester:

  • Workload assignments and notifications  ​
  • Merit review and recommendation​
  • eFAAR​s

Annual Meetings

  • All full time faculty are required to meet with their Chair/Director to discuss their goals for the upcoming academic year. ​
  • For continuing faculty, this meeting is also to revisit the faculty member’s goals from the previous year. These goals are the areas of teaching, service, and research (for TT faculty). ​
  • Based on these meeting faculty are asked to prepare a  Faculty Development Plan (FDP)​.

Promotion and Tenure

  • Chairs/Directors/Deans review and write an individual level assessment of faculty probationary reviews in years 3 and 5 for Tenure Track faculty and year 4 for lecturers and professors of practice.​
  • Chair/Directors/Deans review and write individual level assessments of faculty for Promotion and Tenure and 6th year review and Senior Lecturer/ Full Professor of Practice for Non-Tenure track faculty​.
  • Mentoring​
    • Chair/Director should maximize the opportunities for your faculty to meet the standards for tenure and promotion or NTT review.​
  • Teaching​
    • Realistic teaching assignments​
    • Observe and give feedback on teaching​
    • Discuss with faculty their peer and student evaluations​
    • Suggestion  mechanisms for improvement​
    • Facilitate Peer Reviews ​
  • Research/Scholarship/Creative Activities​
    • Learn about the faculty’s R/S/CA​
    • Assist with use of effective use of start-up funds and course buyout timing​
    • Provide feedback on third-year review ​
    • Involve other faculty in mentoring (dossier preparation, peer evaluations)​
  • Service​
    • Offer guidance on amount and types of service appropriate for untenured faculty ​

Professional Leave of Absences

  • Faculty apply for PLOA to Department/School by September 15​
  • Chair/Director initiates a review by faculty committee​
    • Criterion for faculty committees review are the merits of the proposal, and the maintenance of departmental standards and responsibilities for all ongoing programs.​
  • Chairs/Directors are responsible for making advance arrangements to provide coverage for the faculty member on PLOA. ​
  • The Chair’s/Director’s evaluation should address the merit of the application and how adequate coverage will be provided during the PLOA.​

Workload Assignments

  • Chairs/Directors will consult with Dean’s on their faculty workloads. ​
  • Dean’s make final workload assignment after consulting with the Provost. ​
  • The Dean’s office will provide written approval of each faculty member’s workload. ​
  • Chairs/Directors provide written workload assignments to each faculty member by January 31.​

Merit Review

  • Dean’s make recommendations to the Provost.
  • Some colleges include chairs/directors in the merit process

eFAAR Review

  • Chairs/Directors confirm faculty have submitted eFAAR by April 30th deadline. ​
  • Dean’s Office supervise and review eFAAR completion of Departments/Schools​.
  • eFAAR information is used to inform both the Chair’s/Director’s and Dean’s input on workload.
  • Review faculty members eFAAR to ensure all information is complete.​
    • If eFAAR is  complete and correct, then the eFAAR is approved. ​
    • If eFAAR is incomplete or has errors, then the eFAAR is rejected.