Dual Admissions

Dual Admissions: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dual admission student?

A dual admission student intends to finish his or her associate's degree while purposefully preparing to complete a bachelor's degree at Cleveland State University. Dual admission students are simultaneously admitted and/or enrolled at both Tri-C and CSU.

How do I become a dual admission student?

To apply to the program, you need to fill out a Dual Admission Application Form. The application may be turned in to one of Tri-C's Enrollment Centers at the campus of your choice or mailed directly to Cuyahoga Community College, Office of the Registrar, PO Box 5966, Cleveland, OH 44101-0966.

If I’m admitted in the Dual Admission program, can I attend classes at both the Tri-C and Cleveland State at the SAME time?

Absolutely! That is one of the benefits of enrolling in the program. It is designed for students to still attend community college courses for general education and associate degree requirements, while enrolling in Cleveland State to work on courses toward a baccalaureate degree. However, dual enrollment at both institutions during the same term is not required. Please note that financial aid can only be awarded by one school each term.

If I am enrolled in the program, through which school do I register for classes?

Both, if applicable. If you are planning to enroll in Cleveland State courses, then you register for CSU classes through CSU’s CampusNet, our on-line registration resource. If you plan to enroll in courses at Tri-C, then you will need to follow their registration procedures through Tri-C.

How will my tuition account be calculated?

If you are a Cleveland State dual admission student enrolled at both CSU and Tri-C courses, then you will have two separate tuition bills. Remember you can only receive financial aid from one school, please check all tuition dates and deadlines for each institution and make payment arrangements accordingly.

Can I receive financial aid as a dual admission student?

Yes. Cleveland State will process your financial aid based on the number of credit hours you are enrolled in solely at Cleveland State University. You can list multiple schools on your FAFSA in any given term; however, you are only able to receive aid from one institution at a time-not both.

If I accept financial aid through Cleveland State, can I use my CSU refund to pay tuition expenses at Tri-C?

Yes. Any funds above the cost of the charges on your CSU bill will be refunded to you. A refund check will be issued by The Office of Treasury Services. You may use your refund to pay tuition at Tri-C or for related educational expenses. Please remember that Cleveland State will only award financial aid based on the number of credit hours you are enrolled in at CSU.

Can I meet with a Cleveland State University academic advisor to make sure I'm on track?

Yes. Cleveland State University believes that academic advising is an essential and invaluable component of academic engagement and success for all of our undergraduate students. To schedule an appointment with your college advising office, please visit engagecsu.com/transfer and click on "Meet with an Advisor."