Dean of Students

Transfer Evaluation Form for Student Conduct

You may be required to produce an academic and student conduct background check when transferring from CSU. To complete this, you should:

  1. Email and with a copy of the form to be completed or a link to the online form.
  2. Indicate in the email whether the Dean of Students Office should return the form to you (as the requestor) or email the form to the future institution. 
  3. Double check that all email addresses are accurate so the form can be sent when completed.
  4. Ensure that you have given signed permission for the Dean of Students Office to release information. This signature is often on the request sheet provided by the future institution. 
  5. If there is no place to give signed permission, requestors must complete a FERPA waiver: and also include that in the email request. Forms submitted without signed permission or an attached FERPA waiver CANNOT be completed
  6. Ensure you are providing the Dean of Students Office with 5 business days to complete the form. Forms submitted without 5 business days’ notice to complete may not be completed on time