Center for Refugee and Immigrant Success

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Center for Refugee and Immigrant SuccessImmigrants and refugees have profoundly shaped Northeast Ohio. In manufacturing, health care and the creation of small and large business ventures, they are helping the region recover from the loss of core industries between the 1980s and the 1990s. 

Donate Today:

In collaboration with area non-profit agencies the Center for Refugee and Immigrant Success and Cleveland State University are participating in a supply drive to assist Afghan refugees and their families. More than 300 refugees, who were evacuated from their country under a special U.S. immigration program, will be arriving in greater Cleveland in the coming months.

We’re seeking donations to help these families settle into their new homes. For safety reasons, we are only able to accept new, unopened items. Donation boxes are located by the information desk in the Student Center and on the first floor of Berkman Hall near Papa John’s.

Immigrants and refugees have profoundly shaped both our nation and Northeast Ohio. Please consider donating to help us welcome these newest arrivals to Cleveland. Items that can be donated include:

Wooden Spoon Sets Hand Soap Pots and Pans
Soup/Cereal Bowls Tupperware Contains with Lids Can Openers
Large Mixing Bowls Cutting Boards Curtains/Rods
Dish Soap Sponges Trash Bags
Laundry Detergent Laundry Baskets and Hampers Household Cleaning Supplies
Nail Clippers Phone Chargers Wall Adapters
Toilet Paper Toilet Brush Deodorant
Hair Combs and Brushes Brooms and Dustpans New Bed Pillows


In the Spring of 2019, the Center for Refugee and Immigrant Success (CRIS) was created when faculty from across the university identified the need for a more comprehensive and interdisciplinary research center, combining interdisciplinary skills and methodologies to address research questions through partnerships with community organizations. 


To be the nexus for the collaborative and interdisciplinary production of thought and application of social sciences and humanities research-based practices that promote the economic flourishing of refugees and immigrants in Northeast Ohio and beyond. 


To collaborate with scholars from across disciplines and organizations in understanding the past, present and future of refugee and immigrant life and work in Northeast Ohio. 

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