Cleveland State University Commencement

Request to Participate in a Different Ceremony

Students may request to participate in a different ceremony than the one assigned to their semester of graduation. The University understands that life happens–new jobs, family travel, etc.– and will our best to accommodate requests that follow the process.

Undergraduate Students:

  • Undergraduate students seeking early or late participation in Commencement must complete the Office of Registrar form here:
  • These forms are then routed to the individual colleges’ student services/advising departments.
  • Complete the form thoroughly and in its entirety to avoid delays.
  • Allow ample time for processing prior to the ceremony you wish to attend.

If you have additional questions, reach out to your college:

Graduate Students:

  • Graduate students must contact the College of Graduate Studies to participate in an earlier or later Commencement ceremony.
  • Email your request to:
  • Please note that the individual colleges do not have oversight of this process. The College of Graduate Studies works with the student and informs the Office of the University Registrar.


  • Degree conferral correlates with your graduation application, while permission to participate in a Commencement ceremony other than your designated ceremony goes through a different process.
  • Students who are given permission to participate in a different ceremony than the one assigned (earlier or later) will not have their name listed in the printed Commencement program for the ceremony that they attend. Their names will be listed in the program for their actual assigned ceremony of graduation. This does not affect the Commencement experience as the ceremony does not run from the printed program – participants assemble, process and sit with their fellow graduates, then walk the stage and have their names called in the same fashion regardless of early or late participation.

    Students who wish to obtain a copy of the Commencement program for their actual semester of graduation should email the Office of the University Registrar ( to request a copy. Copies of the May ceremony program (for spring graduates) are typically available by the end of June following the ceremony. Copies of the December ceremony program (summer and fall graduates) are typically available by the end of January. 
  • Students who apply late for graduation may not be listed in the printed program, regardless of early or late requests. Graduation application deadlines are listed here. Submit your graduation application (including changes of graduation date) by the listed deadline of your assigned semester of graduation in order to guarantee inclusion in the printed program.