Choose Ohio First

2019 Choose Ohio First Research Poster Conference


Program bulletin listing all posters, presenters, and faculty advisors coming soon.  

Case Westen Reserve University
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  • 2 Western blot test in glaucoma research
  • 5 Surgical Site Infections By State: A Meta-Analysis
  • 9 BDNF is Essential for Pudendal Nerve Motor Branch Functional Recovery
  • 16 Role of bilateral odor sampling in the odor source localization behavior of Manduca sexta
  • 18 Role of High fat Diet in Microbiome Directed Inflammasome Activation
  • 20 Mixing Technique with an Additive Allows for Optimal Refillable Bone Cement Drug Delivery System
  • 23 Determining the cause and nature of anomalous Rayleigh wave H/V ratio measurements in southern California
  • 25 Idiopathic Epilepsy
  • 27 The Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics to Determine Post Surgery Efficacy of Tracheal Repair in Children
  • 35 How to we have Plane Symmetry?
  • 38 Muscle Contractions in the Frog: A Comparison of the Abilities of skeletal and Heart Muscle to Reach Tetanus
  • 41 The Genomic Analysis of the Domesticated Pig Pertaining to Selective Breeding
  • 46 Design and development of a High Dimensional Flow Cytometry Panel to Identify Stem-like Memory T Cells
  • 50 Going Against the Flow
  • 52 Using HTML and Javascript to Convert Flash-Based Applications
  • 61 Purification of Water Using Electrochemistry
  • 62 In the Redd: A Statistical Analysis of the Nation's Sixth Biggest Website
  • 63 Ballistic Impact of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics for Accelerated Certification of Aerospace Structures
  • 65 Rugged Brake Caliipers for CWRU Motorsports
  • 68 Modular, Controlled Mechanism for Tuning of Optical Filters in Microscope Systems
  • 69 Stainless Steel Annealing Optimization
  • 93 Pasteurization of Rising Star Cold Brew Coffee
  • 98 Keithley Instruments Hardware Co-op
  • 107 Controlling Thermal Conductivity of Polymers
  • 108 Remote Control of an Environmental Test Chamber using a DAQ
  • 109 Rational Secret Sharing
  • 117 Ground Spectrometers for Mesospheric Observation
  • 119 Daily Doctor
  • 120 The Future of Robotic Surgery

Cleveland State University

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Cuyahoga Community College

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  • 100 Augmented and Virtual Reality in Engineering Design and Collaboration

Kent State University

Kent State University Logo

  • 33 The Earth, Moon & Sun in a Year
  • 36 Demystifying the International Education Gap
  • 39 A Comparison between Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • 42 Math Education: Outside the Classroom
  • 43 Matrices in Nature
  • 44 Autonomous Vehicles and Their Effect on the Future
  • 47 Math in Everyday Life
  • 48 Shannon's Free Lunch
  • 49 Mechanical Properties of Concrete Containing Waste Plastic and Slag
  • 51 Random Number Generation
  • 55 Artificial Intelligence in Modern Day Industries
  • 56 Causes of Mortality Trends throughout Different Decades
  • 59 The Arts as a Means to Understand Mathematics in Education
  • 66 Analysis of Plant Root Classifications Using Diameter Intervals
  • 67 Mathematical Modeling of Self-Heating Compost
  • 74 Applying Deep Learning AI to Scientific Data
  • 77 Got Math?
  • 81 Predicting Drug Overdose Outbreaks Via Twitter
  • 84 Embodied Cognition and Virtual Environments
  • 88 A 2-Approximation Algorithm for the online Tethered Coverage Problem
  • 89 The Difficulty of Math Subjects and their Effects on Student Confidence
  • 94 The N Queens Problem
  • 96 Become a Millionaire
  • 102 Tic Tac Toe: Theory vs. Simulation
  • 106 Quantum Logic
  • 115 Determining Real World Food Shortages Through Math
  • 116 Rubiks Cube and Math Functions

Notre Dame College

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  • 6 The cancer human homologue Jazf-1/CG12054 interactions in TIP60 and SAGA complexes

University of Akron

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  • 32 Biomechanics of the praying mantis foreleg strike
  • 121 Cleveland Clinic Concussion App Outcomes in Concussed Athletes
  • 122 Preventing the Spread of Illness in College Residence Hall Populations

Youngstown State University

Youngstown State University Logo

  • 1 North East Ohio Opioid Related Mortality Follow Back Study
  • 4 Comparison of Phosphoryl and Sulfonyl Azide Substitution Reactions on a Primary Alcohol
  • 7 Ballistic Protection using Chemical Bonding
  • 8 3D Bioprinting of Replacement Bone Using 7F2 Osteoblasts
  • 10 Efficacy of Various Temperatures and Concentrations of Peracetic Acid
  • 11 Corrosion of a Pre-Made Polyetherlmide Film Vs. Lab Produced Polyetherlmide film on Magnesium
  • 13 Protein Immobilization of Lactase on Glutaraldehyde Cross-linked Chitosan Beads by a Two-Step Process
  • 14 Effectiveness of Copper as an Antibacterial Agent
  • 17 The Effectiveness of HOPE Curriculum in Austintown Intermediate School
  • 19 Tensile Strength of Flexor Tendons in Sloth Limbs
  • 22 A Novel Synthesis of an indium Derived MOF Using a Tetrafluorhydroquinone Ligand
  • 24 Phytoremediation of Heavy Metals Using Native Species
  • 28 Improving Solar Ovens for the Global Education Project
  • 31 Identification of a Putative Copper-Resistant P-Type ATPase from Enterobacter
  • 34 ChemE Car
  • 45 Lactase Immobilization on Chitosan-Alginate beads Under Various Conditions
  • 54 General Relativistic Stability of L4 and L5 in a Spinning Black Hole Binary System
  • 57 3-D Printing Metal Spatter Analysis
  • 58 Baby Boomer Generation
  • 75 Testing the generative photometry software Tractor for use in the HETDEX imaging surveys
  • 79 An investigation of the correlation between colorblindness and neurodevelopmental disorders
  • 80 Let's Recommend a Deal!  A Study of Recommender Systems in Python
  • 83 De-Powdering for Binder Jet Systems
  • 90 Developing a Rack Mounted Programmable Video Router for a Live Production Environment
  • 91 Internet Pollution
  • 95 Home Runs Impact on Baseball
  • 97 Automatic Tagging of Stack Overflow Questions Using Word Embeddings and Deep Learning
  • 103 Impact Testing on 3D Printed Kevlar-Reinforced Onyx Specimens
  • 104 Reverse Trike Design
  • 110 Container Manufacturing Plant Design
  • 111 Restoration of a Subcritical Assembly: A Final Act
  • 114 Optimizing Facility Layout and Process Design of a Steel Container Manufacturing Company
  • 118 Changes in the Coefficient of Skin Friction