Center for Computing Education and Instruction

Programs and Offerings

Student earning a certificate of completion

The Center for Computing Education and Instruction is a valuable resource for teachers, education institutions and systems, students, policymakers, and others. Focus areas include:

  • Teachers: Professional development, licensure assistance, and continued education in emerging CS topics like quantum computing and cyber security
  • Students: Expanding high quality, successive in-school-day CS instruction; widening exposure to and skills in CS among high school students, especially Black, Latinx, and female students; boosting enrollment in post-secondary programs in CS and CS adjacent disciplines; increasing graduates from post-secondary CS and CS adjacent programs; and increasing career placements in CS, technology-related and CS-adjacent careers among students who complete post-secondary programs.
  • Policy: Influencing policies and reforms at the local, state and national levels to advance equitable access and quality in computing education, focusing on populations typically underrepresented in this field.
  • Research: This includes leading curriculum development and advising on CS policies from a research perspective.

For more information on specific programs and offerings within each of these focus areas, please see the menu at left.

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