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Student using a VR system

In partnership with a network of local and national organizations, we provide students with exciting and enriching opportunities in computer science. By leveraging these partnerships, we can offer a diverse range of programs and resources that meet the unique interests and needs of students. We strongly advocate for paid internships and learning experiences for high school students during the summer months. These opportunities not only provide valuable real-world experience but also contribute to students' personal and professional growth.

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Below is a summary of the key programs we have collaborated on and/or delivered.

  • Robotics: We believe in the power of robotics to inspire and engage students. We provide opportunities for students to collaborate on robotics projects and receive expert advice to enhance their skills and knowledge in this exciting field.
  • Quantum Computing: Quantum computing is a cutting-edge field with immense potential. We offer unique student experiences in quantum computing, allowing students to explore this fascinating technology and gain hands-on exposure to its principles and applications.
  • Innovative STEM: Our organization is committed to fostering innovative learning in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). We offer a range of programs and activities that encourage students to think critically, solve problems, and explore new ideas in STEM fields.
  • Cybersecurity: We provide students with educational programs focused on this increasingly important area. Students can learn about cybersecurity principles, best practices and ethical hacking techniques to develop the skills needed to protect digital systems.
  • Website and Video Game Development: We offer programs that allow students to dive into the exciting worlds of website and video game development. Through hands-on projects and guidance from experienced mentors, students can learn the fundamentals of coding and create their own websites or video games.
  • Software and Hardware Development: Students interested in software and hardware development can participate in our programs that provide practical learning experiences in these areas. From coding software applications to building and programming hardware devices, students can gain valuable skills in software and hardware development.


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