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CS Education Endorsement Program

What it is

The CS Education Endorsement Program provides specialized CS education training comprising a series of courses totaling 18 required hours. By offering an 18-hour program, teachers are able to gain further knowledge in programming fundamentals, advanced programming concepts, computer systems, pedagogical methods for CS education, and a hands-on practicum. This framework ensures educators are equipped with both the theoretical knowledge and practical experience necessary to deliver high-quality, up-to-date CS education, enabling them to teach a multitude of CS subjects at different grade levels across Ohio’s diverse school districts.

Our Support

The Center for Computing Education and Instruction will support 20-25 teachers in receiving CS Endorsement over the span of two cohorts. The Center will assist with tuition payment and provide individualized advising and resources to help teachers through their coursework and passing of the OAE 054 exam.

Course of Study

Required Courses:

  • EST 520: Exploring Concepts in Computer Science for Educators (3 credits)
  • EST 521: Foundations of Programming I for Educators (3 credits)
         Pre-req: Exploring Concepts in CS for Educators
  • EST 522: Foundations of Programming II for Educators (3 credits)
         Pre-req: Foundation of Programming I for Educators
  • EST 523: Computer Systems and Structures (3 credits)
         Pre-req: Foundations of Programming I for Educators
  • EUT 419: CS Methods for Secondary Education (3 credits)


  • EDB 604: Equity in Community and Classroom Settings (3 credits)
  • ETE 595: Special Topics: Generative AI in the Classroom (3 credits) 
  • EST 593: Special Topics in Computer Science Education

Total Hours Required: 18 hrs.

Endorsement will be awarded upon completion of the 18-hour course of study and successful passing of the OAE 054 exam.

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