Center for Computing Education and Instruction

Advancing Access, Quality and Justice

Students working with computers

The Center for Computing Education and Instruction at CSU is the result of a decade of work to increase access, quality and justice in computer science (CS) education in Cleveland. Where there existed little opportunity and support for computer science education before, today there is a robust set of offerings and resources equipping both teachers and students with what they need to excel in a highly digital, rapidly evolving world. 

The work of the Center’s predecessor—CSforCLE—has resulted in:

  • The city of Cleveland leading the state’s urban districts in computer science educational offerings;
  • Cleveland State University becoming the leader in the state for training and credentialing computer science educators; and
  • The state of Ohio significantly expanding its support of computer science education.

And yet, there is so much more to do! Access to in-school computer science instruction and tech-related career engagement for students in Cleveland, Northeast Ohio and across the state remains limited by the availability of educators. Structural and systemic barriers persistently prevent students from progressing into and through higher education programs in CS. And Black, Hispanic and female professionals continue to be underrepresented in CS and IT-related fields.

The Center for Computing Education & Instruction will build on the last 10 years of work by deepening and spreading impact locally, while expanding its offerings and support beyond Cleveland, across Northeast Ohio and the state.

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