Academic Integrity


Use a combination of technology tools and teaching practices to make your assessments more secure.

In Blackboard, use assessment test options to create settings that will reduce the likelihood of cheating:

  • Randomize test questions from large question pools.
  • Set the timer for the appropriate amount of time.
  • Turn auto-submit on (saves and submits upon expiration of time). Note: The Center for eLearning recommends NOT checking force completion. While this feature requires students to complete the exam in “one sitting,” it does not allow re-entry to students who may lose a connection during the exam. 
  • Set display after and display until dates to create a window for students to access the exam, as appropriate for your exam. 
  • Require students to submit IP addresses of computers they will use to submit exams. Whitelist these IP addresses in test options.
  • Restrict test results and feedback until after all submissions are due.
  • Present questions one at a time (makes it more difficult to copy and paste).