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» Focus, Transition, Coherence [register]

Students often lack a strong focus or argument for their papers; this workshop offers methods for developing one and increasing transition and coherence throughout the draft.

» Gathering Research at a College Level [register]

This workshop helps students select the best, or highest quality, sources and helps them manage the reading of many sources to produce a strong paper.

» Quoting/Paraphrasing/Citation [register]

Avoiding plagiarism is the goal of this workshop; it also helps students strengthen their voice when using many authors in their text. Citation style of the particular field is reviewed.

»Sequenced Assignments for the Research Paper [register]

These sequenced assignments make a research paper manageable for overcommitted college students. They begin at planning and researching and end at proofreading.

»Informal to Formal Style and Formatting [register]

Before students hand in the final version of a research paper, many need to change the language from informal to formal style; they also need to concern themselves with proofreading and format. This workshop considers the style and format of the specific discipline.

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