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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are automatically calculated based on your enrollment status, residency, and your course selections. View the fee schedules effective for current academic year.

Fee Schedules 2013-2014

Ohio Resident Fee Schedule
Out of State Non-Resident Fee Schedule

Below are typical costs for undergraduate, graduate and law students. Review the Fee Schedule for the exact details for per-credit hour fees. Please note that the fee schedule is subject to change without notice by the Board of Trustees. The number of credit hours a student is transferring in to the University determines tuition for non-Ohio residents. All students attending classes on the Main Campus downtown are charged a $25 UPass fee each semester.

Tuition: Full Time Students
FALL 2013 / SPRING 2014 / SUMMER 2014 In State Out of State

Undergraduate Tuition

(393.70 per credit hour)

$6,314.16 - $8,698.80
($526.18 - $724.90 per credit hour)

Graduate Tuition
(The per credit hour rates for the College of Business and select programs in the College of Sciences and Health Professions is different than the figures notes here.

$6,772.35 – 7,252.44
($520.95 – 557.88 per credit hour)

$6,902.35 - $13,692.38
($530.95 - $1,053.26 per credit hour)

Doctoral Tuition
(These include the per credit hour surcharge rates for the College of Business and select programs within the College of Science & Health Professions and the School of Nursing.)

$6,772.35 – 7,252.44
($520.95 – 557.88 per credit hour)

$9,156.29 - $9,838.39
($704.33 - $756.03 per credit hour)

Law School Tuition

($916.00 per credit hour)

($1,257.40 per credit hour)

2013 - 2014 Additional considerations to the Cost of Education:

The actual cost of education is composed of multiple factors, tuition being only a portion. Other items such as housing, meals, transportation, parking, books and supplies should all be considered when determining the actual cost of education. The following are provided to assist in estimating a student’s actual cost of education. These amounts are subject to change and are available to provide estimated costs. The links below can provide details for specific meal plan options, residency hall rates, parking options and a link to the bookstore.

Full Time (12 - 16 credit hours) Fall Spring Academic Year
Room (Euclid Commons, four bedroom, two bath, with living area and kitchenette) $4,054.00 $4,054.00 $8,108.00
Board (Block 180 Meal Plan - 180 meals per semester plus $300 Dining Dollars) $1,875.00 $1,875.00 $3,750.00
Books and Supplies (estimated) $400 $400 $800
Transportation (for commuter students) $730 $730 $1,460
Personal / Miscellaneous $850 $850 $1,700
2013 - 2014 Academic Year Fee Schedule for Special Programs

Use the following link to access fee schedules for other programs, including

  • Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT), Master of Arts in Speech & Hearing (MSPH), and Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • Master & Doctoral Level Programs in the College of Business
  • Global Accelerated MBA Program (GAMBA)
  • Executive MBA Program (EMBA)
  • Mobile Accelerated MBA Program (MAMBA)
  • Diversity Management Program
  • Masters of Public Health (MPH)
  • Masters of Fine Arts (MFA)
  • Music Therapy

FY14 Special Programs Fee Schedule.pdf

Please note: All rates are subject to change. The tuition and fee information provided here is not intended to be comprehensive and is subject to change pending an action by the Board or the Ohio Legislature. Changes become effective on the date of enactment. This information should be used only as a guide for estimating tuition and fees. Your actual costs may differ based on residency, program, credit hour enrollment, etc.