Sponsored Programs and Research Services

Faculty Summer Salary Policy


The maximum allowable summer compensation that can be charged to externally-funded sponsored program projects is 41.67% of a 9-month faculty member’s salary. This policy applies to faculty holding 9-month appointments and is effective starting Summer 2011. Faculty with any other type of appointment should contact the Sponsored Programs and Research Services (SPRS) for assistance. Please be informed the 41.67% maximum may be reduced due to constraints imposed by either: 1) a specific sponsor, 2) a specific program, or 3) the specific terms and conditions of a particular award.



  1. The faculty member will complete a Faculty Summer Salary Worksheet (SSW) and submit to SPRS along with the other customary proposal materials.
    In the SSW:
    1. Enter the individual’s salary in Cell A.
    2. Enter the individual’s effort in Cell B. The Summer Salary in dollars will calculate automatically.
    3. This dollar amount should be used in completing the proposal and should be supported by the budget justification.
  2. SPRS will verify the salary and review the included budget justification. The budget justification must support the level of effort indicated (and therefore the salary request). This is part of the customary proposal review process.

Post-Award (Summer Contract Process)

  1. Summer contracts will continue to be initiated at the College level. Before College approval, any Summer contract involving a sponsored program account will be routed to SPRS for review and approval (email draft contract to sprs@csuohio.edu with the words “Faculty Summer Salary” in the subject line). Summer contracts should be routed to SPRS by the College Fiscal Officer in advance of Dean or Faculty signature.
  2. SPRS will verify the stated effort, salary, and compensation to ensure it matches the project budget and budget justification. SPRS will forward to the Office of Research.
  3. The Office of Research will review, approve as appropriate, and return electronically to the College Fiscal Officer for further processing.
Important Reminders
  1. The first consideration is the individual’s expected effort for that time period. After this is determined, the faculty member should complete the SSW to calculate the Summer Salary in dollars.
  2. The faculty member’s salary (Institutional Base Salary, or IBS) is the 9-month salary in place at the end of the immediately preceding Spring semester. Superseding contracts will not be issued for salary changes that occur after the end of the preceding Spring semester.
  3. The IBS will include stipends that relate to the faculty member’s base duties of teaching, research, and service.
  4. If the faculty member will be teaching during the Summer in addition to performing sponsored programs activity, the Summer Salary Chart (SSC) should be consulted. Because the first consideration is the individual’s effort, the SSC will help determine how much effort is available to dedicate to a sponsored program project or combination of projects. Additionally, the faculty member’s available effort could be reduced from the maximum of 3 months due to a planned vacation, a desire to work less than 50 hours per week, or to be involved in some other non-sponsored programs activity.
  5. To reach the maximum of 41.67% for Summer Salary, the faculty member must work 50 hours per week for 13 weeks.
  6. The National Science Foundation (NSF) has a specific policy that prohibits the University from charging Summer Salary at the 41.67% maximum to NSF awards. The NSF limits salary compensation to no more than two months of the faculty member’s regular salary (IBS) in any one year.