General Counsel

Contracting at CSU

Rule 3344-65-11 of the University’s Purchasing Policies mandates that all University contracts be reviewed and approved as to legal form by the Office of General Counsel prior to execution.   

Please complete a Contract Routing Form and send it along with your contract to the Office of General Counsel. 

Please make sure that your contract is in WORD (.doc, .dox) format ONLY.

The Contract Routing Form is intended to assist with the proper and timely routing of University contracts through the approval process. 

Click here for the Office of General Counsel’s Contract Routing Form.  

Click here for the Contract Routing Form Instructions.

If you would like to use the University's existing contract template, please click here.

If anyone makes changes to the language on the template, it MUST be submitted for review to the Office of General Counsel before sigining, execution and authorization.

If you would like the Office of General Counsel to develop a contract template for your department or office, please send your request to