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Benjamin Limmer (MUPDD '03)

Benjamin LimmerLevin set me up to be highly successful in the planning field by connecting me with numerous internship opportunities. One of these opportunities was at the Greater Cleveland RTA and now I am a CEO of a Regional Transportation Authority. Read more. » 


Lionel Smith (BA Urban Services Administration '05)

Lionel SmithI transferred to Cleveland State at the beginning of my sophomore year specifically to attend the Levin College. I was drawn to the faculty and curricula of the College's programs, the urban location, and the reality that the city of Cleveland truly is your campus. Read more. » 


David Whittaker (MPA '17)

David WhittakerWhenever I was at Levin College I noticed an energy in the building. I found myself super pumped to get to class every evening, even after working for eight hours during the day. The experience was great. The professors were great. And the diverse backgrounds, personalities, and professions of my classmates were always something I enjoyed being immersed in. Read more. » 

Audrey Winkler (MPA '17)

Audrey WinklerI am eternally thankful for my experience at Levin, because it helped me find a career that aligns with my passion for helping others. Read more. »


Kestutis "KC" Petraitis (BA Nonprofit Administration 
’08 & MPA '10)

Kestutis "KC" PetraitisI hope that long after my time ends, the decisions I make every day will leave a positive and long lasting impact on our region for generations to come. Read more. »



Ryan McBrayer (MAES '13)

Ryan McBrayerThe effort you put in reflects your outcome. If you treat school just as school, you get exactly out of it what you put in. I treated Levin as an opportunity, and opportunities immediately manifested. Read more. »


Danielle Locke (MPA '05)

Danielle LockeOpportunity comes from taking risks, even small ones. When my term with the Community Foundation ended, I took a leap of faith and launched my own firm. I knew there was a need in the nonprofit sector that I could help fill. It is terrifying, exciting, and deeply gratifying. I couldn’t be happier. Read more. »


Kristen Buccier (MAES '12)

Kristen BuccierThe M.A. in Environmental Studies program conveniently offers many courses in the evening and has a specialization in Environmental Planning which I was very interested in. Read more. »


Keith Demerest (MAES '13)

Keith DemerestIn my program, I was able to specialize and had the opportunity to get a graduate certificate in Nonprofit Management. By seeking courses as a MAES student, specifically around nonprofit management, I was able to focus on my goal of either working for a nonprofit or the government. The courses I took around law and policy have had particular influence on my career and my ability to succeed. Read more. »

Anne Roberto (MAES Student)

Annie RobertoLake Erie is a huge freshwater resource in my own backyard that motivates me to help improve the water quality in growing urbanized watersheds. Read more. »



Rachel Oscar (MUPD '17)

Rachel OscarEvery building, sidewalk, public art work, bush, tree, bus route, awning, highway, etc. is where it is because of a series of decisions people made. I learned that the results are always better when the decision-makers are also the ones being impacted by the decision. Read more. »

Christine Lederer (MAES '12)

Christine LedererMy education at Levin not only influenced my career path, but changed it completely - and for the better. Read more. »



Michelle Leighty (MAES '08)

Michelle Leighty

I am fascinated by urban wildlife and the way animal species are able to adapt to human activity and city lifestyle, so the Environmental Studies program through the Levin College of Urban Affairs was a great fit for me. Read more. »


Sara Continenza (MPA '14)

Sara ContinenzaDon't be afraid of trading security for freedom to pursue your dreams. Take that leap! Dedicate your life to your passion, and the pieces will fall together beautifully. Read more. »



Jared Robbins (MAES '13)

jared_robbinsEmbrace your colleagues at Levin. Not only will you make friends for life--but no matter your path--you will happen upon these people time and again throughout your career. Read more. »


Kate Warren  (MPA '15)

Kate WarrenWhen opportunities come up to do an internship, take a grad assistantship, get connected with a mentor, network, listen to a speaker, or any of the other great things that come up, say yes whenever you can. Levin is full of opportunities to gain knowledge and connect with the community. Don't let these chances pass you by! Read more. »

Tara Heidger (MUPD ’16)

Tara Heidger

I am constantly in awe and inspired by people who are able to push through significant adversity with a smile on their face. Read more. »


Ryan Meisner (BA Urban Studies ‘16, MPA ‘17)

Meisner HeadshotIf there's something that interests you or that you're curious about – even if it's just a little, and no matter what it is – run as far as you can with it until you grow sick of it. Read everything you can about it, talk to your professors and classmates about it, ask dumb questions about it. If you do grow sick of it, don't feel pressured to stick with it: find the next thing, and run with that.  Read more. »

Kathleen R. Teuscher (MAES ’12)

Kathleen-Teuscher.jpgAlways remain open to learning. Being in the environmental field (and probably any field), more information becomes continuously available, technology keeps improving, and regulations and policy keep changing. Never think you know enough – there’s a consequence for everything, another perspective to consider, and there's almost always a better way. Read more. »

Antoine Moss (MPA ’07, Ph.D. ’11)

Antoine MossI'm very passionate about helping people overcome current obstacles, past failures, and self-defeating beliefs to help make their dreams come true. I love to see people unlock their potential in life. Read more. »


Michaela Lowery (BA Public Safety Management ’17, MPA Student)

Michaela LoweryMy passion is caring for and protecting others— especially people in need. I've seen these values expressed in several of my classes at Levin, so I know that the College is a good fit for me. As a MPA student, I feel that the classes I am taking will put me on a solid foundation to help me achieve my career goals. Read more. »

Denise McCray (PH.D. ’07)

Denise McCray

When I graduated from high school my goal was to eventually obtain a Ph.D. degree. I completed my Master's degree however, life happened (marriage, career, and family). Several years later, I had the opportunity to become involved in several political campaigns and developed an interest in politics and public service. I decided to pursue my ambition to receive a doctoral degree. While conducting my research, I became interested in Levin College. Read more. »

Joyce Pan Huang (MUPD ’16)

Joyce Huang

I enrolled in the program with a desire to practice in the city upon graduation. Because I am a transplant, I wanted to become more connected with the people and projects based around real urban issues in Cleveland. I didn't want my education to be simply theoretical, but to be grounded in reality. Levin College provided me with the opportunity to participate in meaningful work with real clients. Read more. »

Tanesha Hunter (MPA '16)

Tanesha HunterLevin is a very diverse college, filled with students who have a wealth of knowledge from their own personal and professional experiences. Interacting and attending classes with such a great group of individuals served as motivation for me to strive to excel in my own career path. Read more. »


Leo Miller (MPA ’94)

Leo MillerIn public service, it's easy to become frustrated by many things. Those who accomplish the most work for the public good over the good for oneself. Always make your vision broad enough to involve all parties. Listen to both the negative and positive; both represent opportunities. Always work for the public good instead of the good for oneself. Read more. »

Brenda Butler (BA Public Safety Management ’10)

Brenda_Butler_photo.jpgMy experiences at Levin empowered me to become what I am today. It allowed me to achieve my goals, and gave me the confidence and power I needed to succeed. Read more. »


Linda Uveges (MNAL '16)

Linda Uveges

I am inspired by the people in NE Ohio. Cleveland is a very philanthropic community and full of nonprofits meeting critical needs in our area. Read more. »



Sarah Lautenbach (MNAL Student)

Sarah LautenbachI believe that every child should have the chance to lead a happy and healthy life and pursue their dreams regardless of their circumstances. Read more. »


John Litten (MPA '11)

John Litten

I went to Levin for the degree – based upon reputation – but left with a treasure trove of knowledge, a rolodex of contacts, and a community that I feel I can always turn to. Read more. »


Caitlin Johnson (MPA '11)

Caitlin JohnsonI truly believe in the mission of Policy Matters Ohio. I know that good policies passed during the New Deal helped lift my family out of poverty. I also know that many of these policies excluded and often oppressed people of color. I hope the work that I do helps Ohio and the country become a more just and equitable place. Read more. »

Miranda Lange (MPA '14)

Miranda LangeLevin expanded my understanding of the ways one can serve the public, exposed me to a variety of leaders in their fields, and allowed me to consider a larger pool of potential career paths. Read more. »


James Lukas (MPA '96)

James LukasWhile attending Levin, I was fortunate to receive a paid internship with the Cleveland City Council in their Policy & Research Division under John James, another Levin graduate. It was during this experience that I became passionate about local government. Read more. »


Matt Hrubey (MPA '12)

Matt HrubeyMy passion is assisting local governments in obtaining the resources necessary to provide efficient and innovative services to their constituents. Read more. »


Emily Muttillo (MPA '06)

Emily MuttilloEmily’s advice to Levin College students is to make connections: Your fellow classmates have done and will continue to do great things in our community. Get to know them and keep in touch. The relationships you develop in school will continue on into your professional life and make our community stronger. Read more. »

Hannah Fritzman Belsito (MUPD '11)

Hannah Fritzman Belsito

I knew I wanted to pivot my career path to be even more strategically focused on connecting people to place - I also wanted to gain institutional knowledge and historical context to better understand how to make impact. Levin gave me that grounding. 

Eva McKnight (MNAL '16)

Eva McKnightI chose Levin College because I was drawn to the focus and flexibility of the coursework within the MNAL, the affordability of the program, and the impressive reputation of the College of Urban Affairs. Read more. »