Master of Nonprofit Administration and Leadership

Course of Study

Master of Nonprofit Administration and Leadership

Students complete a total of 40-44 semester hours. A full-time student can complete the program in two academic years. The MNAL program consist of eight core classes (31-32 credits) and three elective classes (9-12 hours). Pre-service students may complete an internship for elective credit.

Core Courses: 8 courses; 31-32 Credit Hours

The following courses were selected in accordance with curricular guidelines established by the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council (NACC).

  • UST 550: Fundamentals of Nonprofit Administration and Leadership
  • UST 601: Applied Quantitative Reasoning I
  • UST 602: Research Design and Program Evaluation OR SWK 675: Program Evaluation
  • UST 604: Organizational Behavior
  • UST 630: Human Resource Management
  • UST 650 Financial Admin / Control of Nonprofit
  • UST 651: Fundraising and External Relations for Nonprofit Organizations
  • UST 656: Advanced Topics in Nonprofit Management OR UST 657: Advanced Topics in Fundraising

Electives: (non-exhaustive list); 3 courses; 9-12 Credit Hours

  • UST 504: Fundamentals of Applied Reasoning
  • UST 510: Proposal Writing
  • UST 572: Negotiation and Conflict Management
  • UST 593/693: Special Topics
  • UST 594: Levin Chair Seminar
  • UST 603: Public Finance and Economics
  • UST 634: Ethics in the Public Sector
  • UST 690: Internship
  • COM 542: Communication and Technology
  • SWK 673: Community Organization and Planning
  • LAW 722: The Law of Nonprofit Corporations
  • MKT 501: Marketing Theory and Practice
  • MKT 601: Marketing Management

Graduate Certificate and Transfer Credits

Levin College graduate certificate and transfer credit hours may apply towards the MNAL degree.

Transfer credits for required courses are subject to department approval. For further information contact the Levin College Student Services Graduate Advisor at (216) 523-7522 or email


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