Please note:  You may not transfer or sell your U-Pass sticker to anyone!

Cleveland State is pleased to support the popular U-Pass program. U-Pass allows all main campus students to ride free of charge on all Greater Cleveland RTA buses and rapid trains during each academic semester. The program was initiated in the Spring of 2003, supported by a vote of the student body, renewed in Spring 2005, Spring 2009 and Spring 2014. The University administers the U-Pass program according to the policies passed by student referendum and based on the agreement between CSU and the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority.

The following students are not eligible to participate in the U-Pass program: students who are enrolled in only web based classes, students who take classes that meet exclusively off Main Campus, Project 60 students and CCP students.


U-Pass stickers are not mailed.

U-Pass stickers for the Spring 2020 term are now available
at the Cashier's Office (BH115).

Once enrolled in classes, please visit the Cashier's Office and pick up a U-pass sticker.  Please note, you must present a valid Viking ID to be issued a U-Pass.  Treasury Services staff will afix the sticker to your ID card at the time of issuance. 


  • You must be a student enrolled in one or more academic credit hours on CSU’s main Downtown campus.
  • Your student account should be paid in full or you should be enrolled in a Budget Payment Plan.
  • U-Pass sticker will be placed on your Viking Card ID in the lower left or upper right hand corner. It will not not cover your photo, ID number or name. 

Policies and Regulations

  • A U-Pass charge is automically added to each student's account to support the U-Pass program. This fee is assessed each semester.  The U-Pass fee is $40 for the Fall 2019 term. 
  • Eligible students can pick up a new U-Pass sticker every semester.
  • A replacement U-Pass sticker can be obtained at the Cashier’s Office.  The cost of a new Viking Card ID is $20.00, a replacement U-Pass sticker is an additional fee of $50.
  • The cost of the U-Pass cannot be used to offset your parking hangtag.
  • The U-Pass program generates no revenue for the University, as a result, University personnel do not have the authority to waive the fee or make special exceptions.

Benefits to Students

  • All CSU students share the benefits of the U-Pass program - a lessened demand for on-campus parking as students choose to take public transportation and a cost savings for those students who directly participate in the U-Pass ridership program.
  • All students taking “for credit” courses on the main campus are eligible to utilize the U-Pass program. You can use RTA transit to travel on all routes anytime throughout Cuyahoga County, including downtown, to the airport, to a ball game, etc. Your utilization of the U-Pass program is not limited to only University related activities.

Commuter Advantage for Faculty and Staff

This program allows eligible Faculty and Staff to purchase RTA monthly bus passes via payroll deduction. The payroll deduction option means that the expense for the pass will be paid with pre-tax dollars and can provide employees with a tax benefit of up to $200 per year. You also have the convenience the automatic payment for the pass.

PDF iconSign up for Commuter Advantage. Click here for more information about the RTA Commuter Advantage program.

NOTE: Riders on the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority’s buses and trains who transfer from transit systems in Portage, Stark and Summit counties will no longer pay an additional fare when they cross into Cuyahoga County. RTA says it has partnered with the Portage Area RTA, Stark Area RTA and Akron METRO, which includes Summit County, so that customers who use more than one public transit service to reach their destination don’t have to pay two fares.

Customers who board an RTA bus after traveling on any of these agencies can ride on RTA at no additional charge. And when a fare is paid on RTA for their return trip, they’ll get a credit when transferring to the other counties’ transit routes in the amount of the RTA fare paid usually $2.25.

RTA in Cuyahoga County already had agreements with Laketran in Lake County, Medina County Public Transit and Brunswick Transit Alternative, which serves the city of Brunswick. Customers will continue to have free transfers between those services and RTA buses and trains.

The agency also is exploring extending service in the northeastern corner of Cuyahoga County, past its current terminal point in East Cleveland and on to Euclid and the border with Lake County.