Spring 2021 Update:


Cleveland State University (CSU) and the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA) have made a special arrangement to provide a U-Pass option for CSU students who rely on RTA for transportation to and from campus for Spring 2021.

Students who wish to utilize an GCRTA U-Pass for the Spring 2021 semester should request one by mail:

  1. Students can complete the form at https://www.csuohio.edu/upass/u-pass-request​​​​​​​, and a GCRTA U-Pass sticker will be mailed to their permanent address listed in CampusNet within 7 -10 days. Students will have a $40 charge applied directly to their student account.  (The charge will be applied within 7 days of submitting your online request).  If the student lives on campus, the form has an option to be mailed to a local address.

If a student is issued more than one U-Pass, the cost of each subsequent sticker (replacement U-Pass) is $50. 

Please note: the option for students to elect to participate in the U-pass program is limited to the Spring 2021 semester only.