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Starfish Overview

Success begins with Starfish at CSU


Starfish is computer software that CSU uses to aid undergraduate student retention efforts. It allows for:

  • Early Academic Alerts (e.g. attendance, academic performance)
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Campus wide coordination of student support through student tracking and communication
  • Attendance recording (mandatory for instructors of courses with first year freshman)

*Please note that information entered into Starfish is consider a part of a student's education record as defined by FERPA.

Facts & Figures

Each academic year, hundreds of undergraduate faculty use Starfish to take attendance, communicate with students and advisors, connect students to resources at CSU, complete progress surveys, automate student appointments and office hours, record student meetings and interactions, and much more!

Additionally, nearly 100,000 appointments are scheduled by undergraduate students annually. There are 40+ areas at the university that use Starfish. These areas include:  Academic Advising, Career Services, Michael Schwartz Library, Graduation Coaching, Writing Center, Tutoring & Academic Success Center, Counseling and Success Center and many others. 


This video/training session provides an overview of Starfish features and functionality at a high level. There are other additional videos located on the Starfish-Faculty Home page that dive into features and functionality more deeply. 

You are encouraged to view the entire training session, but can use the table below to move ahead to content you would like to know more about:

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00:10 Overview of Starfish
01:12 How to access Starfish?
01:48 Navigating Starfish
04:00 Find Students in Starfish
04:45 Find a Student's Support Team (Advisor, Graduation Coach, etc.)
05:12 Make a Note/Document an Interaction/Send Email
06:45 Raise a Flag/Kudo (Manually)
07:17 Access and Modifying Office Hours & Appointments
12:33 Progress Surveys
15:23 View/Print Class Roster
15:33 How to take attendance?
16:32 Finding Services & Resources for Students

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