Office of Student Learning Assessment

Policies & Procedures

 Policies and Procedures 

  • Every academic program and student support or service unit on campus is required to submit a yearly Student Learning Assessment (SLA) report
  • For a description of the structure of such SLA reports as well as of how to complete them, click on the following Web link – Guidelines
  • All annual SLA reports are submitted electronically to the Deans, Associate Deans, Directors, Department Chairpersons, OR Program/Unit designees in charge of collecting them. For specific details about who these individuals are, check the list included under Responsibilities

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  • Directors OR Department Chairs OR Program/Unit Designees: They are responsible for ensuring that SLA efforts occur both formatively and summatively in the various programs housed in their respective departments or units. Often, this charge is shared with or delegated to program/unit coordinators.
  • Associate Deans: They are responsible for the coordination and monitoring of SLA efforts, collection of SLA reports, and dissemination of SLA report findings and review recommendations in their respective College, Unit, or Division. Below you will find a list of Associate Deans, Directors, Department Chairpersons, or Program/Unit designees currently involved in the SLA process at CSU.
  • Director of the Office of Student Learning Assessment: He is responsible for facilitating, monitoring and coordinating all SLA efforts across campus, for promoting and sustaining a participative and transformative assessment culture at CSU, and for writing SLA-related components of accreditation reports. It is the Director’s responsibility to work closely with all faculty, staff, students, and administrators involved in or with a vested interest in assessment of student learning at our institution. His contact information is as follows: Dr. Graham Stead; campus location – AC 225; campus extension – x9712; e-mail address –
  • Vice Provost for Instructional Excellence: The VP receives direct reports from the Director of the Office of Student Learning Assessment, and  is in charge of program planning. Contact information is as follows: Dr Debbie Jackson; campus location – AC 223; campus extension – x7402; e-mail address –
  • Assessment Council: It comprises the Vice Provost for Academic Planning, the Director of the Office of Student Learning Assessment, Associate Deans, as well as faculty and staff members who are involved and/or have a vested interest in the process of student learning assessment at CSU. The Council meets regularly to review and set policies and procedures for the SLA process. Moreover, Assessment Council members participate actively in the annual SLA report review sessions. For a listing of the Assessment Council members and meeting minutes, click on the following Web link – Assessment Council.

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Due Dates

  • First, all annual assessment reports will be sent electronically to Associate Deans, Directors, Chairpersons, or Program/Unit designees before May 31st. In the title line, please type the name of the program;
  • Secondly, by May 31st, a copy of these reports should be sent to the Office of Student Learning Assessment by the Associate Deans, Directors, Chairpersons, or Program/Unit designees to the following e-mail address: As stated before, please type the name of the program in the title line.

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Previous SLA Reports

  • For copies or examples of SLA reports submitted, please contact Dr. Graham Stead, Director of the Office Of Student Learning and Assessment, with a request via e-mail at or via phone at 216.875.9712