Office of Student Learning Assessment

Annual Assessment Report Guidelines

2023-2024 Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Reports
(Due in the Office of Student Learning Assessment on 
May 31, 2024)

Overview: The first wave of 2023-2024 student annual learning assessment reports will be peer-reviewed during 3-5 sessions scheduled in June and July 2024 (dates to be determined). All annual assessment reports will be submitted electronically to the Office of Student Learning Assessment by e-mail to:

For programs that are housed in a specific academic department, the submission of annual assessment reports will first be submitted to the chair of department to check for completeness. The department chair will then submit the report to the Office of Student Learning Assessment with a copy to the Associate Dean of the College.

Content: Detailed guidelines for the content of assessment reports are provided in the guidance document. Please note that the purpose of assessment of student learning outcomes is to improve programs, teaching, and learning. Therefore, the most important sections of each report should be the findings of the (student learning-related) assessment data, how the data were reviewed, and any relevant follow-up actions taken during the 2023-2024 academic year.

We are still interested in identifying programs with student engagement activities. These activities include but are not limited to civic and community engagement activities. They can be presented as part of the introduction and program highlights of the report.

Formats: Reports can be filed in a variety of formats:

Copy of Last Year’s Report: If you need a copy of last year’s report, please contact Dr. Laura Northrop (

NOTE: For any questions regarding this matter, please contact Dr. Laura Northrop at 216-875-9712 or