Office of Student Learning Assessment

Assessment Council

The Assessment Council is comprised of the Vice Provost, Director, Associate Deans, faculty members, and staff who are responsible for and have an interest in Assessment of Student Learning. The council meets regularly, helps set policy and procedures, and reviews the annual assessment reports. The membership and minutes of the Assessment Council are posted on the Assessment Website

Name Title Unit Campus
Graham Stead Director, Student Learning Assessment Academic Planning 875-9712
Shannon Greybar Milliken Assistant Vice President Student Affairs 687-2048
William Breeze Director, First Year Writing Program Liberal Arts & Social Sciences 523-7145
Corinne Wheeler Associate Professor School of Nursing 687-5048
John P. Holcomb Associate Dean Science & Health Professions 875-9832
Raymond Henry Chair, Director Business Administration 687-4785
Wendy Kellogg Chair Urban Affairs 687-5265 
Marius Boboc Vice Provost Academic Planning 687-4700
Paul Lin Associate Dean Engineering 687-2556
David Lodwick Head, Library Instruction University Library 875-6956
Myong-Hun Chang Associate Dean Liberal Arts & Social Sciences 687-3660
Peter Meiksins Vice Provost for Academic Programs Academic Programs 687-5520
    International Programs    
Kristine Still Associate Dean Education & Human Services 523-7105
Carole Heyward Professor Law 687-5508