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Tech Stop--A starting point to deal with any Technology Issue!

**Password resets
**Office 365 installs
**Wireless setup
**Computer issue advice

On the first floor of the Student Center, across from the computer lab!

Open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Open at 9:00 am summer semester
Closed during breaks and university holidays


New IS&T Online Service Request Catalog

Easy Service, IS&T’s new ticketing system ( is expanding to provide you with better service, more quickly than ever before. This is the same system you currently use to report problems to the IS&T Help Desk but besides problems, sometimes people just want to request a defined service. Delays in servicing our customers are often caused by receiving incomplete information for the request, necessitating several phone calls or emails in an attempt to collect the proper information so the request can be completed. Using the catalog will require the user to supply all data so we can fulfill your request without delays.

Try It! Go to and click on Service Catalog. There you will see the Easy button (used to report an issue with your PC or ask a question of the Knowledgebase). You will see additional boxes on the screen to request the following services:

Share Drive Requests:  Data custodians can click this box to create a request to add people to the disk share of Vike, increase space on any part of the share drive, or remove access for former employees.

Computers/Monitors: Within this service request you can place an order for one or 100 PCs laptops or monitors. You will have a cart that you can add items to, edit the cart to remove or change an order quantity, and when your order is complete, you can submit it just like shopping at your favorite Internet site. You can even customize your order by adding additional RAM, a Solid State Drive (SSD), or many other options. Your order will be reviewed and placed promptly eliminating time waiting for your request to be entered into our ordering system.

MACD Requests:  MACD (Move, Add, Change, Delete), is the information you need to provide anytime you would like to change a Managed Print Services printer. You may request us to move a printer to a different location, add a printer into our program, delete a printer, or simply change out the model of an existing printer. Please keep in mind all MACD requests are reviewed by Xerox prior to authorization.

IP Requests:  Many people on campus need to have access to sensitive data, and therefore require a Static IP address. A static IP address is tied directly between the computer and the network port and does not change when the computer is rebooted, unlike non-static addresses that change with each login. When a computer is assigned a Static IP address, moving the computer to a different network location also
requires the Static IP to be reassigned. Using this service request, you can provide IS&T all of the required information and the date the move is to take place, so you can connect via your new Static IP as soon as possible.

Speech-enabled Directory Service

Forgot the phone number? CSU is closed? Not a problem!

Speech-enabled directory service is now available through the CSU telephone system, benefiting hands-free callers and assisting with call processing after regular business hours.

Callers reaching the CSU main number, 687-2000, will be prompted to enter or speak their choice for assistance.

1  Prompts the caller to say a department name to be reached.

2   Prompts the caller to say a person’s name, or press # to reach a dial-by-name directory.

3   Plays a status announcement for University closing due to inclement weather or other situation.

If the system does not recognize the entry, or the caller waits for assistance, a University Operator will answer the call and provide assistance during regular business hours. After hours, callers use the dial by name directory. The self-service speech recognition menus and dial-by-name directory are available 24 hours per day.

Take your Printing Jobs Up a Notch

The Printing & Duplicating Department has four digital printing presses for high quality production for postcards, hotcards, invitations, fliers, brochures and newsletters.

Our Services

  • Three digital presses specifically to print envelopes.
  • Two large format printers – print on paper, vinyl and canvas
  • Canvas prints can be wrapped on frame stretchers for a professional, finished look
  • A variety of binding including Perfect Binding – a complete wrap around cover for special jobs
  • New finishing equipment for a professional finish to printed pieces. For more information, please visit and click on Printing and Duplicating.