SEIU 1199

SEIU CSU Chapter Committees

Administrative Health and Safety Committee

This committee attempts to minimize the risk of loss and long-term liability to the CSU campus community including employees, students, visitors and property. The committee reviews accidents and incidents that have occurred on campus to ensure any prescribed corrective action is taken. The committee also discusses safety issues and concerns of employees and makes recommendations to the Administration that will improve the public and occupational safety of the campus. Current SEIU members are:

Board of Trustees Committee

The member of the Board of Trustees committee attends all board meetings in order to be aware of current issues with Cleveland State University. The current SEIU member is:


Communications Committee

The communications committee is responsible for communicating with all bargaining unit members. They send regular emails updating members on important issues, union wins and any upcoming events. The committee is also responsible for creating the Union Eyes newsletter once per semester. Current SEIU members are:

Compensation and Classification Committee

Distinguished Service Awards Committee

This annual committee is formed by the labor relations representatives and Human Resources in order to oversee the selection and distribution of the professional and classified staff service awards. SEIU submits two (2) members to participate in this committee. Current SEIU members are:

Faculty Senate Committee

Members of the faculty senate committee attend all faculty senate meetings in order to be aware of current issues with Cleveland State University Faculty. Current SEIU members are:

Grievance Committee

Any union delegate may represent a bargaining unit member during the grievance procedure. Members of the grievance committee serve as a resource for the delegates. They are considered to have advance knowledge of the grievance process. No more than two (2) union representatives may attend and represent an employee at a grievance hearing. The current SEIU member is:

Health Care Committee

The Health Care committee is a university-wide committee maintained by the University. The committee researches health care trends and options and provides recommendations for modification, deletion and replacement of health insurance benefits to the University. SEIU hold one (1) seat on the committee. The current SEIU member is:

Hiring Review Committee

The hiring committee was formed to review hiring materials for SEIU positions on campus. The committee is tasked with holding CSU accountable to the contract when it comes to the hiring process and making sure our members are hired over outside applicants when all other qualifications are equal. Current SEIU members are:

Labor/Management Committee

The mission of this committee is to discuss matters of mutual concern to SEIU and the University.  Items for discussion may be submitted by either side. The Committee shall consist of not more than three (3) representatives appointed by the Union and three (3) representatives appointed by the University. Current SEIU members are:


Membership Committee

The membership committee is tasked with encouraging bargaining unit members to sign membership applications and become full members. They attend new hire orientations to inform new hire about their status as part of our bargaining unit, and provide information about the union. The committee also approach fair shares to try to encourage them to become full members. Current SEIU members are:

    Negotiating Team Committee 

    The terms of our contract are negotiated every three years. The Union holds elections for union members to represent the bargaining unit on the negotiating team. Any member of the Union can run for the negotiating team. The elected team represent the SEIU bargaining unit members and sits down with the university negotiating team to jointly work out the terms of each contract. The SEIU negotiating team consist of our union organizer, two (2) CSU executive board members and five (5) elected members. All negotiations take place during paid work time and your supervisor may not deny you the right to participate in negotiations if elected. 

    • Vacant

    Political Action Committee

    Most of our SEIU jobs rely on State and Federal budgets and programs. Thus it is important that collectively we weigh in on issues that affect working families. The job of the political action committee is to inform members on the importance of politics to the union and to encourage bargaining unit members to contribute to the SEIU COPE (Committee of Political Education) fund. Current SEIU members are:  

    • Vacant

    Reclassification Appeals Committee

    SEIU members are able to submit a reclassification request through Human Resources. Human resources reviews the information submitted and determines if the member is eligible to reclassify into a new position. If the member does not agree with the decision, they may appeal. The appeal is reviewed by the reclassification review committee. The  reclassification review committee shall consist of two (2) Union and two (2) Management appointees who shall be voting members of the Committee. The reclassification review committee  will also consist of one (1) alternate for each side who shall participate in the place of a regular member as needed. If a reclassification review committee   member is from the same department as the appealing employee, he will not participate in the committee proceedings and will be replaced on the committee by an alternate member. Current SEIU members are: 


        Sick Leave Bank Committee

        This committee is comprised of three (3) SEIU members, and three (3) representatives appointed by the University. The mission of this committee is to review requests for SLB hours and grant additional sick leave to SEIU bargaining unit members who meet the criteria established in the contract. Current SEIU members are:

        Staff Development Grant Committee

        This committee oversees the application for and distribution of funds set aside by CSU for the SEIU career development program.  The committee consists of two (2) SEIU members and two (1) management members. Current SEIU members are:

        Unity Council Committee

        The Unity Council Committee holds unity meetings. These are meetings between member heads of all unions on campus. SEIU realizes that some of our issues are issues for the entire University. There is strength in numbers. Thus we believe if the unions come together on common issues, it puts more pressure on the university. Current SEIU members are: