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The contract, or Collective Bargaining Agreement, is negotiated by representatives of the university administration and of members and representatives of SEIU on behalf of the professional staff and librarians at Cleveland State University. This legally binding document codifies and protects worker rights, specifies salaries and benefits, ensures equitable procedures for layoffs, promotions and raises, and provides a fair procedure for redress of grievances. We believe that working conditions and worker protections at CSU have improved dramatically since the formation of the CSU-SEIU chapter, and we hope that you will become a member of SEIU and help us build on that success to make CSU one of the premier academic workplaces in Ohio.

Current Contract

Older Contracts
Negotiating Team Committee - Past Members
  • Sandra L English
  • Jeff Grigsby
  • Charlene Jones
  • Cathy Kaufmann (SEIU Union Organizer)
  • J Noelle Muscatello
  • Stephanie Nunley
  • Sueji Weldon
  • Keisha Wilkins